Exchange 2003:The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service terminated unexpectedly.

Help! :-(

Our Exch2003's Information Store lately would "terminate unexpectedly"
within seconds of starting. MSExchangeSA is up tho. In the mean time
we have run db checks (played back and committed all logs, ran
integrity checks and defragged the db). Also check the health of ADC,
seems no prob there. We're not using the Public Folders btw. The
domain and Exch is still in "mixed mode" (i.e. not native yet, cannot
be native yet).

The messages we get are:

- "the Microsoft Information Store services terminated
 unexpectedly". (From: Services Control Manager ID: 7034)

- Also a pop up screen from "Microsoft MDB Store" saying that the
AppName being "store.exe (ver: 6.5.6944.3) and ModName being
"kernel32.dll" (ver: 5.2.3790)

We're really perplex as to what is happening to the store/DB. Someone
please help shed some light.

Environment: We're on Exchange 2003 (on Win2003) in a Win2003 AD. The
Exch2003 is joined to an Exch55 site and ADC configured accordingly
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I'd start with Antivirus software.  Some AV software that worked fine with E2k does not work properly under E2k3.   There are usually updates from the vendor for this sort of thing.  In the meantime, try disabling AV completely and see if the problem goes away.  If it does not, then call MS Support.  They can gather a user dump of store and tell you exactly whats wrong.
zhihong78Author Commented:
we have tried these and it's not working. The server was running fine all the while and this is just happened without any indication.
Well, if third party software has been ruled out then the next likely answer is that it could be a bug.  The easiest way to get this fixed is to get someone to read the user.dmp of store, and MS Support is the best resource for something like that.
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David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Stop the IS. rename the mdbdata folders, create new mdbdata folders, and start up with blank information stores. If it happens then, then you'll know it's NOT a database problem. If it doesn't happen, then you'll know the problem is in the stores.

zhihong78Author Commented:
Hi Kidego, Will this cause any changes into our Active Directory? And should we create the Folder/EDB Files manually, or Exchange will create automatically for us?
zhihong78Author Commented:
ok, the newly created new mdb files is working fine, the service is not stopped anymore, what should we do in next step? please help. there are about 300 mailboxes the server. we have ran the eseutil to recovery, integrity check, repair and defragment. but it's still failed with old mdb files. i believed it's corrupted but it should not be so bad until eseutil could not help.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Well, it's obviously in the store now, sorry i didn't get back with you yesterday, but I needed a break from work :). My only answer would be to exmerge what you have in the old files out to the new ones, but to do that it would have to be up and running.

So, you already ran eseutil /p, then defragged the database?? If you did this, did you remove all the logfiles, and the .chk file that went with it before the repair? those files are no longer useful, after a repair, it changes the database signature. If they were present after the repair and defrag, then the database would have failed to start.

zhihong78Author Commented:
i have done this, but the old/corrupted database/information store could not be started too with old/corrupted database/information store. i don't think eseutil could help on this scenario, unfortunately, isinteg could not run since the database could not be started with IS Service.

we are looking for alternative server recovery with this old/corrupted store. but i have a bad feeling about it. the users now are using with newly created store with their "new" mailboxes (thanks for AD & Ex2003 that we don't need to recreate mailboxes 1 by 1). but, the content inside the old store are important to them.

please help! thanks!
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
isinteg runs when the store is offline not online. Now, the good news is that you're running 2003, which allows a recovery SG to be built. If it were me, I'd restore a backup from before this started, following this article listed. Let me know what questions you have:;en-us;824126

zhihong78Author Commented:
yup! the worst case is, we don't have recovery storage group build before this happen. and i have tried to build a new storage group and place the corrupted file on it, in order to try on isinteg, but it's failed with some error message. any suggestion, else, i was thinking to close the case with accept your comment.....
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
you don't have to have it built before hand. Under tools in the ESM, do you see the Mailbox Recovery Center? If so, add the affected mailbox store to that folder, and restore from backup.

zhihong78Author Commented:
we have build the alternative server, and pointing the corrupted store into this new server. however, i am able to start the IS service without mount the store, if i mounted it, the IS Server will stop (after few seconds) with EventID 1000 in AppLog.

we have tried to run the eseutil again, and run isinteg until there is 0 fix<ex>. but, once we mount the store, the IS service will stop anyway. i understand if we don't mount the store, there is no way to use exmerge to retrieve the mailboxes inside.

anyone has idea on this? this seems like a "big" challenge for IT pro.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Are you able to defrag the database? That would create a whole new structure. And yes, you can start the IS without mounting the stores, this is by design in E2K.

There are 3rd party tools to pull the data from a dismounted store. Here's everyone's favorite out here on the board:


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