Questions about DVD Copy?

I'm not usre if this is the most appropriate place for the question, if it's not please tell me and I will post it there.

Which software out there can make an image copy of a DVD, meaning a copy of a DVD regardless of data, format?

Is it possible to make a image copy of a DVD as I am able to do with CDs and then later burn this image?

(the two questions are unrelated.)

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>Which software out there can make an image copy of a DVD, meaning a copy of a DVD regardless of data, format?
There are six recordable versions of DVD: DVD-R for General, DVD-R for Authoring, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD+R. DVD-R and DVD+R can record data once, like CD-R, whereas DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW can be rewritten thousands of times, like CD-RW

Your drive will need to be a "combo" drive capable of +R and -R if you really want to 'copy anything'

DVD Movies need specialized software to decode-reencode the content.
Read this:

DVD data disks behave a lot like CDR's, and Nero or Roxio or whatever you're comfortable with will work.
Stripped down versions of one of these are usually bundled with the drive.

rrr333222Author Commented:
My drive is a combo and does both +R and -R. What I would like to copy is a movie someone made for me, edited it, added other stuff to the dvd as well, and made menu. now this is on one dvd.

Well  you could probably use programs like nero, cdrwin or dvd decrypter to make images of dvd's.
Daemon Tools is a great program for mounting images of several formats
(It makes a fake DVD/CD-Rom drive and mounts an images in that)

But there is more to it then just making the image and then copy it.

Commerical DVD's eg the ones you buy with movies etc store approx 9.5Gb+ of data.  These dvd are not actually written to, there are 2 layers that are stamped and basic glued together.  The laser in your dvd's players can focus differently on each of these layers.

There is currently no home recordable system (and probably never will be) that will let you create a dual layer disc.

The most home system can do is single layer DVD's which can write upto approx 4.7gb on a DVD disc. As chicagoan mentioned above there are several

Now if you have any data (meaning not movies) DVD's the only way to copy them is to pretty much split up the data across 2 single layer discs. (If these are programs they will probably not work correctly afterwords anyway.

For DVD Movies there are several great programs on the market that allow you to make backup copies.  Most of these programs will work in 2 way if you have very picky about quality you can split 1 Dual Layer DVD across 2 single layer DVD's. Or you they can compress remove content to fit your data on 1 single layer dvd.
Many of these programs are excellent in that they you can hardly notice quality difference between a original and a copy.  They do this by dropping unwanted content for example spanish/french audio tracks, other unwanted extra's on dvd's and by dropping frames in the dvd movie itself.

Some programs you can look into are

Pinnacle Instant Copy:

The last two need a program like DVD Decrypter to make them work:

Hope this helps.

-=[ Felix2000 ]=-
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Great site with DVD editing info is

-=[ Felix2000 ]=-
>What I would like to copy is a movie someone made for me
You'll have to convert it to an editabe format, unless it's simply an AVI or MPEG,, edited it, added other stuff to the dvd as well. If you know the author, try to get the AVI or they authored the DVD from to avoid loss from multiple encoding-decoding with different codecs.
I like to decrypt my DVD movies and save them on my laptop as AVI's to watch while traveling, they could be edited at that point but you'd have to re-create menus, subtitles, etc.

>now this is on one dvd.
Depends on the length and how much loss you're willing to put up with - as you compress more you lose more detail.
rrr333222Author Commented:

I have Nero 6, but  I do not see an option to make an image from the DVD (and which I can later burn to the DVD). The reason that I'm looking for this feature has nothing to do with protection, etc. But I am losing too many DVDs when creating, copying... and as in the early days of CDs this was a safer way of getting a good copy.

I still am not clear as to my other question - how can I know if I can copy this DVD that I have, which does not have more than 2 gig on it. But I was told that I might have trouble making copies of it myself... I can't understand why? This is not a movie or something where the author used any special equiptment....

If you can copy the contents of the disk to your hard drive, you can copy the DVD.
Looking back at Nero there options for burning an image are sort of obscure as it will only do when burning from a cd/dvd you say "Copy Disc" then set the location of your image and uncheck the delete image after disc copy.

For a DVD Movie DVD Decrypter is the best thing for you to use ( it's also FREE :) )
The movie may be under the 4.7 gb limit but there is the posibility they encrypted the dvd with CSS.  DVD Decrypter will rip it either to an ISO file or rip the files off as they are.
It also will burn back to disc.

-=[ Felix2000 ]=-
to create an image of any dvd or cd nero can read, just select the image recorder as the destination drive (menu recorder!) and then copy the cd. nero will create the image wherever you want. if it doesn't show to be able to create a dvd image enable all supported formats for the image recorder in nero's preferences (expert features).

you can then mount and verify the image by installing the nero image drive. it comes bundled with nero but has to be installed separately. you'll find the installation program in nero's startmenu group.

good luck!


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I recommend DVD Decrypter also as a good tool; SmartRipper is another.  Copy the contents of your dvd to your hard drive in file format if you want to edit it.  There's IFOEdit and a few other utilities at  When you are finished editing, keep in mind that burning at a fast speed can result in a harder-to-read disc, so keep the speed down to 4x at most.
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