Internet camera issues.

I have a Linksys WVC11B Internet camera. This is a wireless 802.11b Camera that has its own webserver and administration front end built in. The camera will only stream if the ActiveX Plugin is installed on the client's machine. If you access the camera ( all,password: all) you can view the code and see the stream and download the plugin.... What i need to know is how to embed the camera stream on a website somewhere else, and i need the website to somehow determine whether or not the client has the ActiveX controll that the camera uses to display the stream. This internet camera issue is really starting to get to me, Any help would be appreciated -Brandon
BTW: Let me know if you need any other information.
BTW2: If you are having troubles viewing the stream, this is because the camera will only stream to IE(i think) and only supports 4 connections at any given time.
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Actually yeah lonelf...

I looked into that camera, and logged into your website to view it.  Nice gaming setups there.  =)  Anyway, lets get down to it.

There are two ways, according to LinkSys to use the camera, #1 is to use the web-based utility, and #2 is to use the LinkSys Viewer and Recorder Utility.  If you want to retransmit it, you have to go with #2 since it appears that it does use an ActiveX Plug-in and it is not retransmittable in the proprietary form that it's in.  So, IMHO, there appears to be really only one option... #2.

Go download or install the LinkSys Viewer and Recorder Utility and install it on a server-ish machine.  If you have a dedicated WinXP box, or Win2k box for hosting games or something that'll work perfectly.  The software allows you to schedule recordings, and to specify where to place those recordings.  Schedule a recording that is 5 minutes long, every 5 minutes (or something like this... maybe 1 min.?) and save it in a directory.  I believe it either saves as avi or mpg, either way in that form it's pretty much retransmittable, but now you have a lot of little files.  At this point, I see two options...

#1: Write a few scripts using your favorite server-side web-based language (PHP, ASP, Java, etc) that automatically puts a link to the latest file saved to that directory.  In this situation, I advise these files to be saved onto a seperate server right from your WinXP/Win2k machine, (ex. onto your web server) this simplifies the process for your script.  In PHP you'd just use some file listing, find the latest date file, and put a link to that on your website.  That isn't LIVE streaming... but it's live enough... with your camera you will never get live streaming unless you leave it using that proprietary crap.  (which means people like me, with macs, can't view it from their macs, only pc's).  If you need help writing these scripts for whatever language... ask  =)

#2: Well... install a streaming server onto this Windows XP/2000 machine.  You'll prolly also have to find some random tools on the web for merging video files together unless this streaming server is elite.  One I might advise because I have used it before is...

Darwin Streaming Server

It's completely open source, to download it it does require registration, but it's free so no biggy.  There are tons of others for Linux and Windows though, so don't feel stuck to this one.  This one won't string files together (to my knowledge) but it'll sure stream professionally.  You will still in this case have to write an "inbetween".  A script, PHP, CGI, Java, VB, something, that tells the streaming server to change what file it's streaming... or if you manage to find software to patch video together... then you need to write a small program to string them onto the end of the current file being streamed constantly.

Notes for the future: Brandon, I have a feeling you bought this camera because it was wireless so you could put it anywhere and not worry about running a ethernet (or other) cable to it.  And by the sound and look of it, you have a LAN gaming place, and you want to show it off through this camera.  This reason alone is good enough to get it... but... for what you want, you may have wanted to just get a USB camera, and put a small linux or windows server right underneath it.  You could make it a game server (CS, Q3, whatever) and also your streaming video server.  This way you have a direct internal stream of the video, and you can stream it live all you want.  You can also put cool text onto the video from many of the decent streaming software out there.  =)  That 4 user limit kinda kills it for the uses you have!  =P  If you need advice on some of the scripts or ways to go about this I'd be willing to help, grab my e-mail from my profile.  =)

Hope that helps!  =)

 - Insolence

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lonelfAuthor Commented:
Darn... Figured as much , thanks for the help. I might take you up on that email idea.
lonelfAuthor Commented:
Administrators, if you could please edit my original post and remove the ip addresses and stuffs, that would be great.
Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerCommented:

I have posted a related question and in trouble finding a solution. can you guys have a look at it please ?

Any help would be highly appreciated.
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