I have had to reinstall WINDOWS98 SE over the top Windows 3 times as the system became unstable.  I can access network nieghborhood and can see the icon called entire network, but when I click on this I get the message:

unable to browse the network.
The network is not accessable.  I am using Internet Connection Sharing and can connect to the internet on both computers. but can only see the entire network on the computer that has the Broadband Modem installed.

How can I get them both working?
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You have to enable primary logon as client for microsoft networks, and you have to enter a user ID and password at windows startup.
what OS's are the other boxes?
do you have file and printer sharing enabled on all machines?
NewtBeui installed?
something shared on all machines?
can you ping the other machines from this box?
what is provideing dhcp?
this may help
world of windows networking
It is also possible you need to remove the NIC, restart, and then go through the whole Re-detect and add TCP/IP. From the sounds of it, your system files were damaged, and all bets are off once that happens.
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BAGPUSS13Author Commented:
Both machines are using Win98SE.

The protocols installed are TCP/IP, IPX, NETBUI.

I am not an expert and in fact found it a bit of a mirical that I set this network up in the first place.  DHCP I am unsure what this is.
You can probably remove IPX and NETBuie.  Make sure that "Client for MS Network" is installed.
I repeat, the critical thing is to be ablet to "log on" to the peer to peer Windows network, which requires that the Microsoft WIndows network client be on, acticated as primary login, and that you actually use it to log in to Windows before Windows finishes starting.
If you remove IPX and NetBEUI you need to make sure NetBIOS over IP is enabled in the TCP/IP properties.
Win98's IP wasn't a very good transport for NetBIOS so if you continue to have problems, then turn NetBEUI or IPX back on, with NetBIOS over IPX enabled in the IPX config.  Don't remove IP tho.
BAGPUSS13Author Commented:
I have removed the NIC card and all the network settings and completely started from scratch, still no joy.  How do I enable Primary logon as client for networks?  Windows98SE still deosn't display a login dialogue when started up.
Open etwork properties.  In the main tab, towardthe bottom, is an option, "Primary Network Logon" with a dropdown choice.  Choose clien for Microsoft networks.

I don't rememeber if that automatically enables the pasword dialog for login.  if it does not, try two things:

1) If it logs in w/o prompting for id/password, try Start->Logoff, see if it works.
2) User control panel to create a User ID.

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BAGPUSS13Author Commented:
I have just tried using Start->Logoff and then I saw the sign on box appear the same settings still apply as before and can use the same password.  Now I can see my network.  It still deosn't show a login at startup though, but I think I can put up with having to log off and then log on.

Thanks alll for your help.
Have you deleted your .pwd files?  With Win98, the login credentials were always measured against the .pwd files.
You know, I just noticed.  The title of this question makes it sound like the cable and DSL companies found a bunch of "illegal" wifi hotspots and shut 'em down!
BAGPUSS13Author Commented:
I am nolonger running windows98se and don't have this problem anymore. so I am closing this question.
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