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I have a bitmap as a background and I dont want to put seperate images as a button. So I have included the button as a bitmap.
To make it when I click on one of the buttons (included with the bitmap) I put a button over each image and set its visible option to FALSE. But when I click on the image it doesnt do anything even though the Click function is set so it goes to another form. I tried doing it with the Visible Option to TRUE and it works but I need it to be seen through.

How would I make a button invisible but you can still click it ?
So I can put a invisible button over a background image.


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Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
just add TImage components with no pitcure assigned and transparent property true instead of buttons ....then every TImage with its onclick event....

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Try something like this

On the image click procedure:

formx.buttonx.onclick(sender); //this references the buttons onclick procedure


u could even try it as a image map
split the image up into sections and set the onclick procedure
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The above suggestions represent your only viable approaches; an invisible control cannot receive input focus so you'll never be able to click it.

use a TShape

- set to bsClear
- set to psClear

shape is now invisible on your background

for clicking use
the onMouseDown and/or onMouseUp-event of the TShape

meikl ;-)


You can set the focus of a control and thus it can get the focus to click it. Besides my code would work as their is no actual clicking but references to click procedures. Therefore the click is simulated.


If it isnt necessary to focuse on this button you can use SpeedButton component.
It can be transparent inseted of invisible.
Also have a FLAT property to fully transparent.

When you use this component it is like a button without any caption.
If Transparent propert be true just button border will be shown and
if Flat propert set to True Nothing will be shown.
But when mouse is over button , border of button will be highlight.

Best Regard.
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