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I just started doing some PHP and was having problem with this. I'm trying to open a web page "lod.htm" and read all the lines until it reads <body> I tried doing it similar to how I do it in Visual Basic, but I keep getting infinite loops.

$fp = fopen("lod.htm","r");
while($etc != "<body>")
$etc = fgets($fp);
print $etc;

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$fp = fopen("lod.htm","r");
$etc = "";
while (!feof($fp)) {
  $buffer = fgets($handle, 4096);
  if(stristr($buffer, "<body>")) {
  $etc .= $buffer;
print $etc;

however if there's anything before body on the same line, it won't be stored. the script could be modified to find the position of <body> within the string and then have the content of the string before this position stored in $etc. tell me how it goes

Timbo87Author Commented:
Maybe I should clarify what I need to do.

I want it to open an HTML file and put everything from <head> to </head> in one textarea and everything from <body> to </body> in another text area. It needs to be able to check the first 5 characters because it wont always be <body>, but sometimes <body bgcolor="white">.

Would it be possible to open the whole document with

$hcode = file ('lod.htm');

and then split the array between </head> and <body>?
i suppose you could do

$file = file_get_contents("lod.htm");
$exclude = explode("</head>", $file);
$head = $exclude[0];
$body = $exclude[1];
<form etc..
<textarea name="head"><? print $head; ?></textarea><br />
<textarea name="body"><? print $body; ?></textarea><br />

to remove the <html> and </html> you could use substr(); to take off the correct number of letters (and the \n line break) from the string, or you could explode the head and body variables again.

$top = explode("<html>", $head);
if(substr($top[0], 0, 5) == "<head) {
  $head = $top[0];
} else {
  $head = $top[1];
$bottom = explode("</html>", $body);
$body = $bottom[0];


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Timbo87Author Commented:
Thanks for the code loz, works great. I'm having trouble with the <html> </html> remover. I inserted it after $body = $exclude[1]; and it says there's a parse error.
Timbo87Author Commented:
Nevermind, found the problem and fixed it.
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