How to boot on scsi drive when IDE ans scsi in SCO?

I have both SCSI and IDE disks installed on a SCO 5.0.7 open server.

No time for mistakes, i want to know how to boot on SCSI instead if IDE, the system tries to boot on IDE by defaut..

Found about that command "defbootstr hd=Sdsk"

Does anyone have another way? or can confirm me that this command is working?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Does it have a bootorder setting in the BIOS for SCSI?
JuraloAuthor Commented:

more details...

the scsi is freshly installed and all the data have to be transfered to the scsi from the IDE
we used IDE temporarly as a "emergency" solution for a week.. had no idea that the system would try to boot on IDE instead of scsi when reinstalling all scsi drives..

if we could avoid hours of backup and recovery to trensfer that, (the only way to see to trensfer those data... )
that would be very appreciated
JuraloAuthor Commented:
nop, all i have is...

Network, HD0, HD1, CD1, Floppy
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I'm sure you've tried this, but can you take the IDE out of the boot order completely?  Let it fail on the CD and Floppy and then (hopefully) let it go to SCSI?
Try disabling the HD's. The SCSI should take 'charge'. Check in the SCSI BIOS to see if anything is in there. The settings 'might' have got reset.

If you are using windows, try this:

I use this one:


Slave new HD to old HD as said above, then run Xclone from a DOS  prompt in windows:

xclone c: d:    It will copy everything but the swapfile ( which windows will recreate later ),
then make the new drive master and you are done. This is a freeware program and I use it to clone my HD before I do something new and/or stupid with my computer ( about every 2 or 3 weeks )      ; )    Don't forget to Fdisk and Format the new HD first.
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JuraloAuthor Commented:

basically, I have 5.0.7 on ide and 5.0.7 on scsi.... I want to pass some files that i need from ide to scsi once the scsi is booted then flush the ide..

but now when I boot, the scsi takes the boot then opens the IDE root filesystem instead of the scsi root filesystem.
JuraloAuthor Commented:

i can tell 100% sure he takes the boot from the scsi, i assume it take it because the disks are flashing..
but i can tell for sure once it's booted up, we are defenitly on IDE.

from there, if we mount the scsi and trensfer the files, it won't be bootable disk anymore..
the IDE is to be flush and refurbish in any windows version far far away from this server after!
not looking for a permanant setting..
can u tell where is your scsi disk and ide. which ids.
u can try either of these one solution.

if you had an HD  at ID0, another at ID1,  the systsem would try to boot from ID1. However the OS 'thinks' it is drive 0.
At the install time used the defbootstr option to set  Sdsk  to you adaptor
code (blc,ad,??) followed by the parameters in the form of (0,0,0,0), which give the adator card number, the scsi bus, the SCSI id, and the LUN.

On SCSI adpators that do not have the 'boot from drive xx' option.
Go into the SCSI card set up and turn Scan for BIOS  OFF for all
devices prior to the drive you wish to boot from.

u can get more help from this link.

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JuraloAuthor Commented:
at this point we have tried the cmmand "defbootstr hd=Sdsk" with no success..

first option don't work...
as for the command Scan for BIOS, it's not available...

alredy visited the link..

trying an operation, currently trensfering, testing, hope the scsi will still be bootable after..

i will keep you update if we close the case,
tks everyone for your comments and solutions..
u should set

defbootstr hd=Sdsk
defbootstr Sdsk=blc(0,0,5,0) ( supposing your scsi id is 5).

please read the link it has all the info in middle of page for your problem.
hii ,

 Can u give the output of hwconfig -h command ?

does your SCSI have a bois . SCO can override your system bios setting . It can detect the IDE drive even if it is disabled in bios . are u able to boot the machine if u remove the IDE drive ??  Do u want to copy only certain data from the IDE hard disk ?
JuraloAuthor Commented:

Hello Shivsa

for the solution you provides, as told, we already have read about before...
defbootstr hd=Sdsk
defbootstr Sdsk=blc(0,0,5,0) ( supposing your scsi id is 5).
it is assuming we are going on a new install. but the system was already installed and we didn't intend to reinstall everything, so we had to left that solution aside..

for your comment anupnellip,

"SCO can override your system bios setting . It can detect the IDE drive even if it is disabled in bios ."
It's exactly what was happening, switching IDE...

"are u able to boot the machine if u remove the IDE drive ?? " 
awnser to that question is Yes

"Do u want to copy only certain data from the IDE hard disk ? "
Yes, only certain data...

However the problem is fixed, no idea why, after many try, with no different operation on startup, he finaly decided to boot without error and we could see the scsi... we trensfered the data from IDE to scsi and didn't reboot till it was completly done to don't waiste the luck since we have done no special actions to have it back up and running..

finished all trensfer at 5:30, removed the IDE and reboot, everything is working just fine now..
6:30 server is back to client's office and everyone is happy they won't have that painy slow IDE 1 more week.. (mosty, we are happy, won't spend next sunday to take back all yesterday's work!)

So for the solution, must say i have no idea why it finaly worked, wasn't working, then it was..

I'll certainly remember to don't place IDE "emergency solution" to a sco using scsi...

BIG Thanks for to everyone who provides awnsers, questionnements and help brainstorming the problem.  
JuraloAuthor Commented:

Basicaly that have happened...

When we primary trensfered the scsi to the ide as a temporary solution, (after hacking problems, they ereased many startup files and script) we called the scsi "old data" and did the trensfer and leave the old files in scsi intact for a week to be sure we had everything needed was trensfered..  

then after a week we took off the IDE to gost it while installing back SCO on the scsi..

after reinstalling, the ide for trensfer all the problems above occurs, but sudenly, it mount "old data" we could see the intact scsi new installation on "old data" when he booted from IDE, we took a chance to trensfer on that the critical files on OldData... it worked..

Thank you much.    : )

Glad it is working.  The SCSI Gremlin must have got tired of messing with you.   ; )
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