Mbeans with Jboss and SNMP adaptor how?

Hi all,

 I am in developing a NMS(Network Mgmt Sys). I need a small help..

 I want to develop the application using JMX architecture and I donno how to proceed.

 Is there any supported server JMX MBean concept at present (Jboss?),
 SNMP Adaptor is supported in it or not..?
 From where can I start developing the application ?

 NMS -> A Web - based application for management of several (100's) of switches & routers of an organization. this application must be fast and web based.

 Please gimme some suggestions ..

 Thanking you all..experts
with regard
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I know a bit about NMS, and I can't really see why you need JMX. You ahve agents that collect the information. They probably work with SNMP.

If you need to monitor a J2EE application server, than JMX is a good option.
ALl major servers currently support JMX to some extent (WLS, WAS, Oracle, JBoss). It means you can query the server for information (including performance information) and perform some actions.
However, the name of the beans, and the way to access them, is different between each server. This should change in J2EE 1.4, with the introduction of JSR 77 that defines the names of components inside the J2EE server.

About SNMP, almost all servers have some SNMP support, but I wouldn't use it ;-)
lamdorAuthor Commented:

 The specification for JMX says that we can manage a network by using JMX. That means we can manage all network elements like switches, routers, gateways etc. So at present I donno from where to start implementing these things usering JMX. I know how to do this by using normal java beans.

 Can you gimme some information regarding JMX with SNMP?.

 Is my understanding of JMX is right?.

 Thanking you,

eve of chirs!
JMX is a specification for building MBeans which can be later deployed in an MBean server.
You can build your own MBeans for each network item, or you can build MBeans that encapsulate information found in SNMP agents.
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lamdorAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot.

 But I jave decided not to use Mbean time being since there is not much help and not fully implemented and I don't have enought time too..

 So, I am using following architecture.

[                    ]          [                ]                      [      ]
[ SNMP Beans  ] <---> [ Servlets/ ]   < ===== >[ DB ]
[                    ]           [ Threads  ]                    [      ]

 a deamon thread will be running and by using normal SNMP beans it will connect to several elements and gather the data and then inserts into database.

 [      ]              [                  ]                     +++++++++
 [ DB ] <====>[tomcat with ] <=======>+ Browser +
 [      ]              [ Struts         ]                     +++++++++

When ever administrator requests for managing elements I collects data from database and display it for management. instead of querying the elements with SNMP Beans I use asynchronus way..

 But I donno this architecture holds good or not..
Can anybody tell me is the above works okay?

For the second stage it is great.
For the first - I wouldn't recommend it. Tomcat wouldn't be too good for waking up periodically and gathering information on all the beans. Since you are using pull technology (to my understanding) that means you are constantly querying the SNMP beans, you would probably have to write down your own service that will do that.

If the SNMP has a way of sending information themselves to the server, then the first drawing will work.
lamdorAuthor Commented:
thanks for your reply,

 The first architecture what I told, I have changed it to a service with many threads.. The service will be running as server at back end(User has to start the service). Then the service will open individual thread to each element and gather informaion and stores in database.

 the second architecture is same i.e(that is) when user click for an opetaion to view the statics the data is collected from database and diaplyed the graphs for performance of the elements (jfreeChart) I am using.

 Is it holds good..?I am in confusion about my architecture becoz I have no experience on NMS based systems and I don't have anybody to help me here..

You can contact me by mail.
The architecture stands, and is infact very popular for NMS systems.

The design for the service is quite complex actually, as it has to be highly available.

lamdor, is everything working?
lamdorAuthor Commented:
Hi vzilka,

 I am sorry for my late response I was on vacation and had very sleepy holidays..^^

 Thanks for your reply.

 Yeh!.I have followed the architecture as we discussed and wrote the service in Java using JDMK tool kit it is prosently gathering information from agents and able to insert into the database. But I have make some performance improvements since there may be some thousends of elements in a network so, if my program has to gather the information from all of them it will get heck some where I hope.

 Please gimme some more information about that..


With Regards
Some of the new things I am doing now is using the Selector class in java.nio. It will allow you to scale better when you recieve info from many clients.
Also, check Doug Lea concurrency utils. This library will help you to build worker threads easily, so that each thread can handle an info message from one of your clients.

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