hide my JSP and JavaBean source code

Hi, i wonder can i do this?
Hiding my JSP and JavaBean source code from other peoples to access.

I search Yahoo search enginee. Its seems nothing relevant...

can you help? to suggest any method or way to protect my hard-work from modified by peoples?

Thank You.
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1. You can supply your JavaBeans without source code, just classes. They do not contain source code (though they can be decompiled).

2. You can use Servlets instead of JSP-pages. They are classes too thus no need to worry about the source code.

3. Your JSP code is only visible for server side. It means that none of the clients will see it. But server needs to see the code to be able to interpret it.

4. Use jspc utility if you want to compile your JSP to Servlet. It's available in Tomcat.

If I understand your qustion correctly ->

your JSP and javabeans are always there on the server and can never been seen by the clint in the browser, all he can see is only HTML

Hope this helps
superman19Author Commented:
dear all, like what you've said, they can always decomplie back from the .class file. In fact i did that all the time when i need to change the contain of the .war file if i have to.
Don't think this is the ideal way...

Applekanna, correct. It's in the server, that's why i need to protect from accessing by any local peoples. This is beacasue i am going to deliver a project to one of my client and i afraid he will abuse my code by resell it to another party......

Thank You.
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see if this helps

CREMA is java obfuscator


acm paper on obfuscators

but this thread in EE says it is not possible to do what u are asking for

Hope this helps

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Also i thought a client owns the source code ;) of any project
> Applekanna, correct. It's in the server, that's why i need to protect from accessing by any > local peoples.

as vk33 said: don't install JavaBean sources - only classes
and what about:    .jsp - just compile them, and the same, don't install sources :)

to avoid decompilation use obfuscator
superman19Author Commented:
applekanna... ha... i agree with you.. but i code them different price with this special terms and condition...
source code is MINE.. ha...


Thank you for your URL link..

superman19Author Commented:
applekanna, i still didn't get you.
all the URL stated above is seems only telling you the concepts and the tricks behind it.

I wonder, any program (other that complie into .exe file) can perform this "hiding" or protecting stuffs??
here is one but it is an evaluatiob version same obfuscator

Thx for the points  :)
superman,was just curious to know what u eventually used.
Thank you
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