Challenge: Notes IMAP client against commercial service

I use Notes as a POP3 client for my internet mail.  Problem is that this does not allow me to look at previously-downloaded messages unless I am at my home PC.

Notes works as an IMAP client, supportng both offline and online access.  This would seem to neatly solve the problem.  Kust switch from an ISP that offers POP3 to one that offers IMAP, set up an account document to point to it, and voila, all messages should stay on server even after downloading to Notes, oldmessages should migrate their way up to the server, and any changes I make on one side (folder moves) should be reflected on the other.
Ir didn't work as planned.

Try diong this yourself, see if you can get it to work.  I used, which offers a 30-day trial of their service, and offers IMAP. They have a webmail interface that also makes use of the IMAP protocol on their own mail server --

See if you can get offline setup to work at the very least, with folder replication, and preferably upload of prior messages.  I have to get this working for a client soon.

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Been there, registered, mailed and failed a little there. Offline: if what you you say is true, that it should be replicating. It ain't. But IMAP-online seems to be working, although the sent-part seems to be a little difficult. Anyway, that seems to be working as well.

My config:
- an IMAP online account
- create a local replica of the created IMAP database, for off-line work
- specify in the account in the Sent folder name: Inbox.Sent Items

I agree, it's a solution. And it does some sort of replication. But for the rest...

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qwaleteeAuthor Commented:
Were you able to get folder moves to match?

I manage to receive messages, even with an offline account, but folder changes on either side are ignored (moves using web client do not get reflected in Notes, moves in Notes do not get reflected on the web)

If anyone knows of another inexpensive IMAP provider that has successful full synch with an R5 client, please let me know.

I'm going to give it a shot with R6 as well.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
As you might have guessed, I tested this in R6.

A folder created in the local replica of the IMAP db is removed during replication.
A folder created on MailSnare is correctly created in Notes, but mail left in the Inbox in Notes is removed, never to return.

Although there is probably a lot under the hood, this solution is far from finished. It would fit nicely inside Notes 5.0... New, tested but not quite there yet.

Just a question: Domino hosted somewhere is not an option?
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qwaleteeAuthor Commented:
I have not seen Domino mail hosting at a "reasonable" price. These public IMAP services tend to run 10 to 60 USD per year.  Notes mail hosts tend to cost in the $20-$75 per MONTH range.

I woudl of course prefer Notes, because it is so much damn better than IMAP, with true non-brainer replication facilities.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I suppose you already know these guys:

In fact, you actually don't need Domino hosting, just a mail-file to replicate with. They might be interested to offer this service to the public. Maybe there are other friendly partners to your client who have a Domino server on the Internet and would like to run a simple service for your client?

Another one:
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I'll check with a partner of mine if they are willing to do mail-only hosting. I think this would be the better solution in the long run. All the rest is just a poor trade-off...

Found you another one:

What? You don't read Dutch? It says E 17,50 a month, must be around $17.50. Setting it up and other services are quite expensive.
qwaleteeAuthor Commented:
Liek I said, hard to be $15/**year**
qwaleteeAuthor Commented:
The free service is n/g, because it does not offer mail, and the service is much more pricey.

It does require more thana mail file to replicate with because otherwise, when on the road w/o laptop, there's no way to retrieve NEW mail.
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