later evaluation of variables?? Php variables Problem!!!


i wrote a script to send some one an email when he changed his password and i have a language.php where i have every shown word listed and set so i can change the languages easily.

but i have a problem the $user_password which i have to send to the user wont show in the email because the is loaded before with the $user_password.

now, i need a way how to pass my variables from my to my forgotpasswort.php and get the mail function not only to send the text of $forgotpassword_mail but also the content of $user_password

heres the code:

$forgotpassword_mail = "Dear User, \n this is your new pw: \n $user_password  ";

### forgotpassword.php
include "inc/";

                  $connection = mysql_connect("$mysql_host","$mysql_user","$mysql_pass") or die ("Cannot connect to Mysql\n");
                  $selectdb = mysql_select_db("$mysql_db", $connection) or die ("could not select the database");
                  $user_password = randomPassword(12);
                  $q = "Update $mysql_table SET user_password = md5('$user_password') WHERE user_loginname = '$user_loginname' and user_email = '$user_email' ";
                  $r = mysql_query($q);
                  echo "$forgotpassword_succsessful";
                  mail("$user_email","$forgotpassword_mail_subject","$forgotpassword_mail" );       


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you can do this:

change this line:
  $forgotpassword_mail = "Dear User, \n this is your new pw: \n $user_password  ";
  $forgotpassword_mail = "Dear User, \n this is your new pw: \n ----NEWPASSWORD----  ";

and this:
  mail("$user_email","$forgotpassword_mail_subject","$forgotpassword_mail" );  
  $forgotpassword_mail = str_replace('----NEWPASSWORD----', $user_password, $forgotpassword_mail);
  mail("$user_email","$forgotpassword_mail_subject","$forgotpassword_mail" );  

get the idea?

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DopemanAuthor Commented:

thought about that too,
 sounds really good but what about the performance isnt that very slow (just asking because of interest)

if there is no other solution ill try yours DoppyNL

str_replace is quite fast; I doubt you will notice a speed difference; even if you do this 1000 times per page you probably won't notice much difference.
DopemanAuthor Commented:
i did it with str_replace and it work perfect

and thanks for answering so fast

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