Automatic backup script & disk space Checking Script

i am a new user to linux......

i want to implement the following two actions in my server.

1)execute one script which will take backup of "/home/abc" to "/dev/fd0" automatically at a perticular time .

2)execute one script which will keep on monitoring the disk space used in /home partition and if the disk space used reaches 90% it should send a message to regarding this.

if anybody has the above scripts available plz provide me.....

my mail id :

Deepak Jena
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Deepak Jena,
Use cron to schedule your tasks, to edit your crontab, type:
crontab -e
to make a copy of the files in /home/abc to /dev/fd0, the command is
cp -r /home/abc /dev/fd0
so to run it each day at 9:00am
your  crontab entry should be:
0 9 * * *  /bin/cp -r /home/abc /dev/fd0

disksize command
 if [[ `df -k /var| grep var |awk '{print $5}' |cut -d% -f1` -gt "90" ]];then /usr/bin/mailx -s Diskfull ;fi

you can run this from cron as above (say evey 15 minutes)
0,15,30,45 * * * * if [[ `df -k /var| grep var |awk '{print $5}' |cut -d% -f1` -gt "90" ]];then /usr/bin/mailx -s Diskfull ;fi

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deepakjena_2003Author Commented:
Thanks a lot...

deepakjena_2003Author Commented:
please delete this question...

Deepak Jena
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Deepak Jena,
The question doesn't get delete, it is stored in a database of Previously Asked Questions (PAQs) that other people can search.
deepakjena_2003Author Commented:

can i use the above points..

bcz i have only 30 points available (50 for this question and 50 for another which is still open)

As the qustion has been answered your points have gone.
Have you done the new member survey (, for 200 extra points?
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