I want to buy a new graphics card but i dont know if my motherboard can support an agp graphics card.

how do i find out and if i havent is there any way to upgarde without changing motherboards.

thank you
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Pop the case and look for a slot that's above the PCI slots, but not quite lined up. It should be roughly the same length as a PCI slot, but will usually be a different color. And it will be offset and above the PCI slots. But be careful, not all AGP slots are created equal. What motherboard do you have?

Mostly the AGP card will be chocolate(brownish) in color,near to the PCI slot
that would be white in color.


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tonyxpAuthor Commented:
Ive got a brownish 1 on top ov the white 1's but is a quater of the size.

its shaped like this:

                       |====| (this is the brown 1)
|=============| (Modem)
|=============| (empty)
|=============| (empty)

Thank you for replying.
tonyxpAuthor Commented:
is that an agp slot because it looks abit small and if it is can u tell me what video cards would fit that.

thank you
Hi tony,

I am really sorry for the delay in answering,
Yes, thats what ur looking for ( its the AGP slot),
any AGP card will fit in that slot..ask for a AGP Card
nVidia cards are popular..

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