how do i network a mac on osx to pc

how do i network a mac on osX or even os9 to a windows2kserver for sharing files? My win2kserver has a lot of files and i need macs to have access to those files, can someone help?

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osX supports SMB, so it will browse shared folders of any w2k server.
If you also need os9 to see these, use file sharing for macintosh on w2k side.
w2k server supports both appleshare IP and appletalk.
Do need help to install these services? it is shipped with any w2k server but not installed by default. You will find it in windows components with the extra services, together with LPD, etc... (sorry for exact names, I am not using an english version).
Once installed, you will be able to share a folder to macs only from the computer management console, not from the explorer.
engineroomAuthor Commented:
i went on osx "connect to server" and i typed in the ip address of the server smb://
 and it didn't work, what am i doing wrong?
Macs running OSX are able to network to PCs over Samba (or FTP).

   -- System Preferences/Sharing/Services/(check 'Windows File Sharing')

User accounts have to be created on both Macs and PCs of course
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Windows 2000 Server can use Appletalk Protocol which you will need for OS9

Right-Click 'My Network Places'/Properties/right-click 'Local Area Connection'/Properties/Install 'Apple Talk Protocol'

Right-Click 'My Computer'/Manage/Shared Folders/right-click 'Shares'/New File Share/check 'Apple macintosh'......  and fill the rest in!
What version of OS-X?  10.1 and before's SMB support was flaky.  If it is 10.2+ then it should work perfectly.  Try deleting the /main/ at the end, making it just smb://  This should bring up a window allowing you to select the shares available, or making you authenticate with a username/password (depending on if you have guest access)

 - Insolence
By the way; if SMB is enabled on yr osX machine? I guess so, so you should be able to browse it if os > 10.2.
What do you see from the os9 chooser/appletalk?
engineroomAuthor Commented:

when i right click on myComp, and go to shared folders/newshare, i don't have the option for apple macintosh. The apple talk protocol is already installed.


i am on 10.1 and before. i did delete /main/ and that didn't work.


how would i know if SMB is enabled? In os9 appletalk, i see nothing.

Thanx all for your responses, please get back to me
no SMB under os9! only osX.
Installing appletalk is not enough, you need the "File sharing for mac" service to be installed: check yr services list. Do you know where that is?
admin tools/computer management/services
This is why I mentionned previously to install the windows component called "File sharing for mac" because it does both, it install service and protocol.
engineroomAuthor Commented:
where can i find the windows component "File Sharing For Mac"?

i looked in my services and there's nothing there on file services
My problem is that I use a non english version, so real terms is just a guess:
control panel/add-remove programs/add-remove windows components/
other network file and print services/
Once installed, you should the file sharing for mac service running in the services list.

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(in your Dock)
System Preferences/Sharing/Services/'Windows Files Sharing' (check it)
<<when i right click on myComp, and go to shared folders/newshare, i don't have the option for apple macintosh>>

you mean it is greyed out?  You don't see in the 'Create Shared Folder Window' the following fields?

Folder to Share:
Share Name:
Share Description:
Macintosh Share Name:
Accessible from the following clients:
   Microsoft Windows
   Novell Netware
   Apple Macintosh
engineroomAuthor Commented:
- lesouef
thanks! i found it and installed it and then i saw the properties that speyfisher is talking about. One problem though, for both you guys, it says i can't share out one of my drives because it's not ntfs. any ideas?

I finally created the share for mac, so now it works on os9, i'm gonna try it on osX, but i quite didn't understand what you wrote, with regards to system prefernces sharing/  i didn't see anything that says windows file sharing in there... comments?
Sorry about that-  to enable OSX to communicate with Windows-  enable Samba on the Mac by opening System Preferences in the Dock and check 'Windows File Sharing'

-- System Preferences/Sharing/Services/(check 'Windows File Sharing')

then you'll be set.
By the way-- OSX can connect the same way that OS9 can now.  That is by Appletalk that you setup.

The preferred method to communicate with Windows from OSX is using Samba.  So enable Samba on the OSX like I posted above.
engineroomAuthor Commented:
- speyfisher
i want to go with Samba, i want to try it, but i don't see it, i go to system prefernces and all i see is for sharing

File Sharing On

Web Sharing Off

Allow remote Login

Allow FTP acess

Network Identity

and that's i, no services, or windows file sharing, any ideas?  I have 10.0.4 as the OS

Yea, it's because you have 10.0.4  =)  Upgrade to at least 10.1, preferably 10.2, or 10.3.  =)  You can get CD's cheap on ebay.  =)

 - Insolence
yep 10.0.4?  forget about samba for now

have you tried connecting to the Windows server from OSX by Appletalk?  
afp://     (whatever the IP address is of your Windows server)  
To convert a file system to NTFS, simplest way is via command line:
Execute: cmd.exe
convert X: /fs:ntfs
X: is the logical disk to be converted, must be C: i yr case?
If the drive is locked due to file sharing, it will prompt wheter you want to do that at next reboot, says Y, then reboot. A nice blue screen will show the conversion, then it will reboot.
lol, where did that come from lesouef...?

 - Insolence
You've the comments' name on top!
engineroom is asking how to convert his volume to NTFS, so I tell him how to do it, which required to share a volume for macs (in atalk, not SMB) under w2k.
Oooh, ok.  =-)  Silly me, I'm a dork.  =)
no tears please!
engineroomAuthor Commented:
dude, i know how to convert, i was wondering if there was anyway around it. :)
also, i got it going(like i said) on os9, i'm gonna try osX with apple talk and i'll let you guys know how that goes. Also, how do i use my mac as a fileServer? How do i have win2k grab mac files?
engineroomAuthor Commented:
Okay guys, i got os9 going. Thanx a lot, now all i need is to make my win2k machine to grab files from the mac, making the mac show up on my windows machine.
Gloups! which mac, with os9 or X?
to emulate appletalk file client on a PC: Miramar Maclan was the utility for w95/98 in the past... check if they now have something for w2000/xp; I doubt it since osX is SMB server, so this a market which is fading away.
osX: activate windows sharing
engineroomAuthor Commented:
osX.2? so i would activate windows sharing under services correct? and on the win2k side?  

\\\... would that be fine on win2k?
Yes; sharing / services /windows sharing
Nothing on windows side, yr osX is now a PC (protocolwise!) as usual, it will take some time untill you see it in network neighbor.(god knows how to spell that!), but you will access it immediately if yout type the path manually, so \\\shared_folder is OK. Do forget to match account and passwd as usual if guest is diabled.
engineroomAuthor Commented:
but how would you actually share out a folder in osX???? in windows u right-click and go to share, how do you do it in osX???
Generally it only shares your user's home folder through Samba.  There are some freeware utilities out there to edit shares but most of them only work for AFP.  =(  You could, however, do the following...

If you're on OS 10.1 or before, go here...

And look at how to download and install samba properly on OS-X.  It also shows you how to make a SMB.CONF file, which you can specify new shares in.  (yes, you have to do it in text mode).  There a lot of tutorials online on how to setup a smb.conf file...

That's the official samba smb.conf "man" page.  And lastly, if you're on 10.2 or above, you already have samba installed.  But to add shares (to my knowledge) you must add them manually to smb.conf file, which in 10.2 can be found in...

hard drive -> private -> etc -> smb.conf

If you don't feel like looking it up... just look below, this is how to add a SMB share at the bottom of SMB.conf, hit return once or twice and paste/edit the following into it... this will share 'myuser's Desktop folder as MyShare to PC users.  You can guess what most of those options mean by reading them.  Look for a man page for more options, there are tons  =)  And enjoy...

   path = /Users/myuser/Desktop
   public = yes
   only guest = yes
   writable = no
   printable = no

 - Insolence
First, you must modify accounts for windows access:
accounts /modify /enable windows session.
Then you connect from yr PC with
\\ipadress\username (sorry I said shared_folder before)
and this will show you what you can see according to yr rights on this mac.
to check yr rights under osX: Cmd I on folder, > owner and authorizations.
This is valid only for folders starting from "home" for a given account.
On top, if you are not using an english osX, system names are localized on mac, but then will in english view from PC, very nice! so better create yr own folders.
Fortunately, this is much easier with osX server!
osX client file sharing for PC is a gimmick to me and far away from the PC and os9.
rather weird... mac fans like it... just wondering why!
engineroomAuthor Commented:
thanx insolence, how would i share the whole drive out?

   path = clients ' name of drive?
   public = yes
   only guest = yes
   writable = no
   printable = no
path = /
not sure the system will accept this, I never tried.
may be you should try with yr user's folder first, and sharing the system files is not a good idea either
engineroomAuthor Commented:
k, i'm gonna split the points between y'all.
Yeah, make the path /, it'll accept it I've done it before.  You know this is extreme, sharing the whole HD?  =P  But yeah, it'll work.  Remember unix permissions will restrict access to a lot of things though.  =)  Keep that in mind.

Also, if the whole drive you're talking about is not the boot drive, or if you have different partitions, then it'll be /Volumes/MacintoshHD  (Where macintoshhd is the name of the partiton).  =)  Take care engine...

 - Insolence
engineroomAuthor Commented:
thanx, what do you mean volumes? i have to partitions "Damien" and "Clients"

/  ' this would work for damien

/Volumes/clients ' is this right?

/ is the volume you boot from
/volumes/xxxx is the folder where extra disks are mounted, which means that in the unix world, extra disks are shown are sub-folders or /volumes (osX) or /mnt (other brands).
Yes, engine room, those are both right.

 - Insolence
Gosh, what I wrote means nothing, I must be tired! I try again:
/ is the volume you boot from.
/volumes/xxxx is the folder where extra disks are mounted, which means that in the unix world, extra disks are shown as sub-folders of /volumes (osX) or /mnt (other brands).
Sounds better now.
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