RENAME or REN with a date and time stamp

Hi -

I am using WS_FTP PRO which allows for executing a Dos script.  Can I use the REN or RENAME command to append the system date and time to the end of the filename I am downloading.

REN file1.txt file1.11172003134700.txt

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How about copy filename +/b
This will update the time stamp to the current
Oops - I now understand what you're looking for - yes.
This 'may' work for you:  ren file1.txt *.%date%.*

Otherwise, a small script may be in order:

for /f "tokens=1-3 delims=/" %%a in ('date/t') do (
set newfile=%%a%%b%%c
ren file1.txt file1.%newfile%.txt
Now I further understand (man what was I smokin' yesterday?!)

To append both the date AND time to your file, try this one:

To pull just the hour and minute, proceed as follows:
for /f "tokens=1-3 delims=/" %%a in ('date/t') do (
set strDate=%%a%%b%%c

REM  Note the space after delims=: in the line below
for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=: " %%i in ('time/t') do (
set newfile=%strDate%%%i%%j
ren file1.txt file1.%newfile%.txt

Otherwise, if you're looking for seconds as well, create a mini-batch file like this:
echo.|time|find "current" > tresults.txt

then replace the "time" section above with:
for /f "tokens=5-8 delims=:. " %%w in ('ttest.cmd') do (
set newfile=%strDate%%%w%%x%%y%%z

Good luck!
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One more way to skin the cat...

set OLDNAME=%1
set HH=%time:~0,2%
set MM=%time:~3,2%
set SS=%time:~6,2%
set MM=%date:~4,2%
set DD=%date:~7,2%
set YYYY=%date:~10,4%

for /f "delims=." %%a in ("%OLDNAME%") do set NEWNAME=%%a.%TIMESTAMP%.%%b



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mtgcpcAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you for responding.
Brianadkins answer only works for a system with an American date format, so be careful!

What other formats does %date% come in (i.e. other languages) ?

You may need to swap variables around if the year is listed first (but that would apply to all solutions above, nit just mine)

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