Program to transform Vector data into image file.

Posted on 2003-11-17
Last Modified: 2013-11-19
I have building sketch information stored in a database in vector format. I need to find a program to change this data to an image that I can then display on a web page.

We have aproximately 550,000 sketches stored, these sketches do not change very often, and there is a flag in the database to tell me when they were last modified.

I would like either a program to grab the data from the database, create the image, and let the browser know where the image is.


A program that I could run once to create all the sketch images, and then run weekly and only update the sketches that have changed.

Here is a sample of the data for one sketch:

The image that this information represents can be found at this link:

I know that the first two characters of the record are a sequence number and represent the different rectangles on the sketch (A0=A, A1=B, A2=C, etc)

All units are in Feet

Directions are U=up, D=down, R=right, L=left

The record assumes the same starting point for each record. The directions and distances then move to the starting point of the rectangle, C tells you to start the rectangle, and the remaining information describes the rectangle.

Let me know if any additional information is needed.
Question by:resedlar
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Expert Comment

ID: 9775717
That appears to be Logo, or some variant of it, and certainly one could program Logo to read that.

Personally I haven't run across Logo since the 70's, so I won't be much more help than pointing you here:

Logo is alive and kicking. What you need is someone who knows something about it to write you a little program to read your data. Apparently there is a Windows version of Logo, free.

Accepted Solution

skibama1 earned 250 total points
ID: 9784984
I have been looking for a solution for exactly the opposite of what you are wanting to do.  What I needed was a way to record the mouse movements in a Flash sketchpad and then send them to a database...sorta like creating a drawing and then being able to edit it later.  I am still working on the final solution but what I suggest is for you to figure out what the logo codes are and how they translate into a image and then convert that into flash language.  You then wouldnt have to worry about file management - only the database file.

Essentially the Flash method for drawing is:

set a x_origin and y_origin
then move to a new position and create a line along the way

Line width, alpha (or transparency) and color can all be set.  Freehand drawing is essentially a collection of lines that are so short when they are looked at together they appear to a single line.

And ofcourse your file output from the database would be a SWF.

Assisted Solution

Snazzy_Graphics earned 250 total points
ID: 9785102
That's interesting that Flash apparently uses some of the very simple (and therefore: good!) concepts from logo. Seems resonable that you could pull that data into Flash, just need to tell it where you don't have data (the alpha, color and what not).

And there are, no doubt, other ways that are similar. A few years back (maybe pre-flash) I knew somebody doing some server-side vector somehow (probably in cgi or php) to let the client browser design custom furniture. Must be similar since the data is so simple.

resedlar, how is it that you kick out drawing of this data currently? Or do you? A peek inside that program may be all you need to figure out a simple way to automate the process.
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Author Comment

ID: 9786990
Currently we have a vendor who created the vector information from gif images that we had on file. The vendor sold us a back end program for doing property assessments. They offered to sell us the program to transform the vectors to images at first. However we have two web sites, one is free to the public and does not contain the sketch and the second is a paid site that contains the sketch along with other information that is not needed by the public. The vendor now wants to host the paid site for us for a percentage of the proceeds, they realize that the only thing we need is a way to transform the vectors to images so they are now claiming that they don't have a program that they can sell us. Even though the vendor is currently transforming the vector data to images on it's own version of the paid site.

Unfortunately I am just a lowly ASP program and don't have the abilty to tell the vendor to got to ....

Expert Comment

ID: 9864081
Apologies that I didn't follow up on this more, but thanks for the points. Seemed to me something that could be easily tackled in a variety of ways. But you need to play around with it, or hire someone to spit out your diagrams. A couple of days work at the most I think.

Hope it worked out.

Author Comment

ID: 9866084
Hey Snazzy,

I have written a VB application that creates the images. Still need to do some finish work on it. I'm sure someone better in VB would be done already. But the lead with Logo gave me some ideas on how this needed to be done.

Thanks for the help.

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