Displaying a new url onclick

Sorry, I forgot this one.

I want to display a new web page when I click on a button.

Something like:

onClick='javascript:url( "theWebPageIWant")'

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> onClick='javascript:url( "theWebPageIWant")'

Try this:

Hope That Helps,
<a href="theWebPageIWant" onclick="location.href = this.href;return false">Go</a>

1 you do not need the javascript: protocol since onclick is part of JS.

2 if you do it this away, even javascript disabled browsers will be able to go to that page also.
You could also create an new JavaScript Function, like this one ..

function OpenNewWindow(url, wWidth, wHeight)
{      var wTop      = 0
      var wLeft      = 0
      var openProps
      if (screen)
                  wLeft      = (screen.width  / 2) - (wWidth / 2)
                  wTop      = (screen.height / 2) - (wHeight / 2)
      openProps = "width="+wWidth+",height="+wHeight+",left="+wLeft+",top="+wTop;
      return window.open(url,"win",openProps,'location=no, menubar=no, toolbar=no')


This function has three parameters, the url, the width and the heigth. An example of calling this function is (in your case):
  onclick="javascript:OpenNewWindow('http://www.experts-exchange.com', 800,600);"
This function opens a new window (nice centered on the screen) without addressbar, buttons, ... So, try it out ...

For more info about the window.open statement:
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to give you exactly what you asked for:

<input type=button name=cmdButton value="Click Me" onClick="document.location.href='theWebPageIWant.html';">

or if you want it to open in a popup window:

<input type=button name=cmdButton value="Click Me"



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document.locaiton is supposed to be read-only and won't work being set in some browsers. Use window.locaiton.
just try this

<input type="button" name="btn1" value="Click Here" onClick="location.href = 'xyz.html'; ">
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