VPN access to some servers but others

We have a Sonicwall  device with VPN and are trying to establish VPN for some users. We have 2 NT4 servers and a NAS with Windows 2000 Server. I can establish a VPN connection and access the resources on the 2 NT4 servers but I can't even ping the NAS through the VPN, though I can ping it from the network.

Any suggestions?
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Yes, put in the correct default gateway/network settings on the NAS.
awilson11Author Commented:
The NAS has the same gateway settings as the two NT4 servers and all three have static IPs
Please verify and print screen the network settings, I would like to see the IP's and subnet masks/gateways of all machines...

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awilson11Author Commented:
I have done screen prints and here are the settings:

NAS - Windows 2000 Server:


Server 1 NT Server 4 PDC

Server 2 NT Server 4 BDC
Ok Looks good, change the IP address of the NAS to anything lower than 8 and see if that works. You can change is back after we test this. Also, your router or gateway may be blocking the NAS mac address. Please have a look.

Check your router IP Address and subnet mask. I have a suspicion your router may be working on a subnet that uses as the broadcast address..., or there might be a rule for VPN access on the opposite router that only uses the mentioned mask. Have a look at this and let me know. I would like to see the IP setting and rules for both routers/firewalls...
awilson11Author Commented:
Thanks for sticking with me.

The gateway is the Firewall/VPN device
LAN IP address is
LAN Subnet is

Unfortunatly all IP addresses below 8 are taken. Also I don't know how to check if the gateway is blocking the NAS mac address.

However you are right the WAN Subnet Mask is, but don't know the significance of this.
Try to ping the default gateway from the NAS system. Also try to ping the external interface of the gateway from the NAS, if it does not work, try it from another system. I believe this is a straight IP issue.

I would also try to temp switch the .8 address with the .2 address and see if you have the problem, you can do this after hours or something then 10 minutes later you can switch them back.

Are you sure the subnet mask of the router is

Please confirm this for me, do the switch above; it will tell us a lot.
awilson11Author Commented:
I hate to break the news to you but the problem has fixed itself. Initially we tried rebooting the NAS thinking that might fix the problem. It didn't so I then posted this question. However numerous NTFS corruption errors appeared in the Event Viewer so overnight last night I scheduled chkdsk to run then shutdown and restarted the NAS and this morning suddenly we can access the NAS over the VPN. So rebooting didn't fix the problem but shutting down and booting up did.

Don't know what the problem was or what is now "fixed" but thanks for your time and effort.

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