Sorting arrays

I have an multidimensional array of Strings that I need to sort.  What is the fastest sorting algorithm that I can use to sort based on one column and what is the code?
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The one in the API. Collections.sort(List l, Comparator c)
sre23Author Commented:
ok, well in that case my question gets a little more complex.  I was hoping to just find a few methods that would do it and adjust them to fit my needs.  What I actually have is a DefaultTableModel with 10 columns and I need to sort this table on alphabetically on the 3rd column.  I looked in the API but I am a little confused on how to create a Comparator and List object.  Can you elaborate on that a little.  I've raised the points to 100 since my question has changed a little.
class MyTableModel extends DefaultTableModel implements Comparator {

         int sortColumn;

         public void sortColumn(int sortColumn) {
              this.sortColumn = sortColumn;

         public int compare(Object o1, Object o2)  {
              if (o1 == null) return -1;
              if (o2 == null) return 1;

              Vector vect1 = (Vector) o1;
              Vector vect2 = (Vector) o2;
              Comparable col1 = (Comparable) vect1.get(sortColumn);
              Comparable col2 = (Comparable) vect2.get(sortColumn);
              return col1.compareTo(col2);


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Here is code that will do it.  You have to worry about making sure table is not updated while sorting, handling class cast and null, if there is a chance of that happening.  For regular alphabetic sorting, you do not need a comparator.  Post if you need a sample comparator.

javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel table = new javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel(10,10);

//load data

//create array
int ln = table.getRowCount();
String[] test = new String[ln];

//load array
for (int i=0;i<ln;i++) {
      if (table.getValueAt(i,2) == null)
      else test[i]=(String)table.getValueAt(i,2);

java.util.Arrays.sort(test);  // no comparator required for String, built-in alphabetic comparator.
      // can use non-casesensitive comparator etc.

// lets see
for (int i=0;i<test.length; i++) System.out.println(test[i]);

// good, set it

for (int i=0;i<test.length; i++) table.setValueAt(test[i],i,2);
sre23Author Commented:
CEHJ, in your example how is the sort started? and what is dataVector?  And I assume that "this" can be replaced by the name of my DefaultTableModel?
sre23Author Commented:
dyanet, your example looks as though it just sorts the 3rd column.  I need to sort my entire table ON the 3rd column.  I can't just reorder one column otherwise the whole table will be changed.  Each row needs to stay intact.
dataVector is a protected field of DTM:

>>how is the sort started?

By calling sortColumn on the model. Just merge the code with your model
sre23Author Commented:
Thanks again CEHJ
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