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Hello I'm currently working on infrasound. However, until now, i could not find any speakers capable of producing <20Hz. And also, i could not find any device that could generate sinusoid wave forms below 20Hz except for my PC. Can anyone sugggest how to produce waves <20Hz?
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ANy synthesized signal generator can do that. You can rent an HP generator which will generate low distortion sine wave down to mHz.
A large active subwoofer will generate sound waves at <20Hz.
How much power do you need?
FlorenceYeeAuthor Commented:
any power...i just need infrasound.thats all i care..
The cheapest solution would be a powered subwoofer of reasonable size and a pc sound card as a generator.
renting a signal generator is an alternative to a pc.
For more power you could assemble a large piston driven by a motion control actuator.
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FlorenceYeeAuthor Commented:
For the subwoofer, can you recommend a particular type capable of producing infrasound.
How low do you want to go? Any sub woofer will produce some energy at 10 Hz or even less. They just may not produce a very energetic wave. If you want a frequency less than 1 HZ, I can give you the design of a mechanical wave producer. How are you going to detect your wave?
FlorenceYeeAuthor Commented:
Power...? erm... no need to be so and so will do...
Detection...maybe i'll use a spectrum analyser

Mechanical wave producer? oh goodie! thanks!
Some high power designs are shown here
There are also automotive style subwoofer and amplifier combination that can blow out car windows.
You need to be a bit more specific about your budget and the application.
Consider a one cylinder autombile engine. Remove everything except the crankshaft, cylinder, and piston. Extend the cylindar as long as you wish. Drive the crankshaft with a motor. the piston will produce a sound wave (pressure wave) with a frequency the same as the rps of the motor driving the crankshaft.

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FlorenceYeeAuthor Commented:
ah ok....thanks everyone...where should the 100pt go to?? since everyone is equally helpful...
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