Hiding/showing column in datagrid

I'm doing a windows aplications and need to be able to hide a column in a datagrid. I also need to be able to have it reapear. This is to be done with the checking/unchecking of a checkbox.

This is the code I have (important parts) ("result" is the datagrid in the form)

public DataTable table = new DataTable("result");
public DataView myDataView;
string columns = new String[13] {"date", "time", "c-ip", "c-port", "cs-username", "cs-method", "cs-uri-stem", "cs-uri-query", "sc-status", "sc-bytes", "cs-bytes", "s-name", "s-port"};
int i;
for(i=0; i<=12; i++)
myDataView = new DataView(table);
result.DataSource = myDataView;

I also have a function for retreiving data and placing it in the table and it works fine. I don't want to run this every time I unhide a column again. I've tried accessing width of a column, visibility etc but in vain. How can this be done?

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
MHQAuthor Commented:
I've tried doing that previously but it doesn't tell me how to unhide the column at a later stage
private void ToggleColumn( int ColumnIndex) {

bool isVisible = result.Columns[ int ColumnIndex].Visible;
result.Columns[ int ColumnIndex].Visible = ( !isVisible );


this will hide/show your column after you fill your datagrid
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MHQAuthor Commented:
'System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid' does not contain a definition for 'Columns'
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
Set ColumnMapping to MappingType.Element
MHQAuthor Commented:
myDataView.Table.Columns[2].ColumnMapping = MappingType.Element;

Doesn't work... the columns is hidden (as I have previously managed to do) but won't reappear.
MHQAuthor Commented:
I got some help from a tutor and solved the problem. What I had to do was to control the width of the column using DataGridTableStyle in conjunction with some other Styles.

DataGridTableStyle tableStyle = new DataGridTableStyle();
tableStyle.MappingName = MyDataGrid.DataMember;

and to toggle:
private void Toggle()
DataGridColumnStyle column = MyDataGrid.TableStyles[0].GridColumnStyles["ID"];
if (column.Width==0)
column.Width = 75;
column.Width = 0;

Thanx for trying!
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