Making CD Rom Bootable

I want to reinstall Windows XP but my CD Rom is not currently set so I can't boot off my CD Rom. How do a enable my computer to do this?
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When your computer starts you need to enter the BIOS setup, usually by pressing the Delete key.  Once you are in the setup, find your boot sequence and move the CD-ROM drive to boot before the Hard Drive.   Exit setup and save your settings and you are good to go.

RiversfromrivertavernAuthor Commented:
I gather that I need furthur information what to do

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Hi Riversfromrivertavern,

On startup when your computer POSTS, Enter your BIOS by pressing the F10 or DEL key.
Go to "Advanced System Settings"
Locate "First Boot device" normally it says "Floppy"
Using the Page Up/Page Down or + and - keys change "Floppy" to "CD-ROM"
Save your settings and you should have enabled (assuming your PC has this function) the abilty to boot from CD-ROM.

You will NOT want to change the floppy boot position.  This could be bad for the future. Here is the order that your systems boot is probably set up as of now

hard drive

you want to flip the hard drive and cd-rom so it will be like this.

hard drive

FYI:  The order that you put the drives in is the order that they are read by the bios.  For example if you were to have a bootable floppy in the floppy drive at boot up you could boot to that floppy

to do this you will need to enter the bios depending on how old your system is it could be any number of these buttons: F2, F10, or delete.  I would happen to guess that is is probably the delete key.
So when you turn on your system just keep pressing delete until you enter the bios.
once in the bios you will need to find were the boot device priority is located.  It could just be under Settings or Advanced settings.  You will need to switch the boot order. Without knowing what bios you have it is hard to tell you completely how to do it.
hope this helps

another FYI:  You want to reinstall windows XP.  Using the cd will only do a repair installation, unless you format the hard drive.  You should probably format the hard drive first and then reinstall windows.  You could see problems in the future if you do it will the CD or you could not.
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
If you really can't boot from the cd-rom, but you can boot from floppy, use a win98 bootdisk (if you don't have one get one from and boot with it with cd-rom support, now browse your XP cd-rom to the \i386 directory, there run MAKEBOOT.EXE, it'll create bootdisks for you (you'll need 4 disks) you can also use the bootdisks given at  then use them to boot your computer and winXP setup will start automatically.

it is very just go to your computer bios......when it start the computer....then....just choose which drive you want to boot first......a:/ c:/ or d:/ ....just selected the cd rom will be fine

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in award bios u mostly have to set boot order  as "CDROM C: A:"
in ami bios, u need to set 1st boot device, 2nd boot device explicitely.
some bioses also have "boot from cd" option.
explore your bios....
RiversfromrivertavernAuthor Commented:
thank for the help everone. I am all sorted now.
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