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Can I setup an ISDN connection if I have an ISDN modem/router + RAS at the office and an ISDN modem at home? Or does ISDN have to be setup with the telco?
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Robing66066Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No.  An ISDN modem will not run over a POTS line.

Here are a couple of good pages on ISDN and POTS and how they work.

Most providers require some or all of the following:

ISDN must be available from your Central Office or a neighboring Central Office
ISDN must be available at your location
Online/Internet Service Provider and Long Distance Carrier must be ISDN compatible
Requires a terminal adapter (sometimes called an "ISDN modem") to connect to PC
Sometimes requires new wiring

daJmanAuthor Commented:
Is your answer no then? I understand ISDN, what it is and what is does. I'm just wondering if it can be done wihout the telco.

Lets say I want to be the ISP. Can I dial up into my ISDN router with an ISDN modem getting an ISDN connection over POTS?
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(The third question on the first link directly addresses your question...)  -- Sorry, should have pointed that out...
Correct - if your CO doesn't support it and/or you're not 'wired' for it - you won't get it, even with the modems. . .
daJmanAuthor Commented:
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