CPU Usage c2600

I have a cisco c2600 router ver 11.3 and I beleive it may be having cpu problems. Are there any router comands that allow me to see cpu usage.

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Use the show processes EXEC command to display information about the active processes.

show processes [cpu]

cpu  (Optional) Displays detailed CPU utilization statistics.

show processes memory
Use the show processes memory EXEC command to show memory used.

which should give you output similar to:

gw2#sho proc cpu
CPU utilization for five seconds: 5%/4%; one minute: 5%; five minutes: 4%

<and it will then list CPU used by each individual process>

You could also use MRTG with SNMP to monitor CPU usage. If you are having problems with excess CPU usage the most common ploblem recently has been the welchia worm which creates a lot of ICMP traffic, often overloading router CPU.

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