Finding last .

What is the best way to find the last occurence of a . in a file name?

So like if my user submits how would I find the . right before the zip?

The reason I'm asking (maybe there is a different answer to this) is because I want to be able to accept odd file types that aren't defined in PHP like models, .mdl. But PHP identifies this is as application/octet-stream along with any other file types it doesn't understand.

Thanks in advance.
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i forget to say u can then use substr (Sub String)

$str = "";

$newFilename = substr($str, 0, strpos ($str, ".")).".zip"; //start from 0 end with 8

will give u

Hope it helps U
u can use strrpos to get last occurance of string.

$str = "morning";
echo strpos($str, "m"); //answer is 0

$str = "morning morning";
echo strpos($str, "m"); //answer is 8

hope it helps
drakkarnoirAuthor Commented:
I'm trying to find the last occurence of a . not trying to concatnate them :\
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Muhammad WasifCommented:
If u have the file name u can get the portion after the last . by

$local_file = "";
$ext_array =explode(".",$local_file);
$last_position = count($ext_array) - 1  ;
$extension = $ext_array[$last_position] ;

echo $extension;

it will return  tz

and u r geting the uploaded files in array userfile[]  u can get the filetype by


SIGN ;c U din read my posting well ...

strrpos -> is FIND last occurance !!  STRRPOS

** Opps i put wrong just now lack a "R"
So once again U can

$str = "";
strrpos($str, ".");  //GIVE u the INDEX of LAST occurance ! in this case is 13

I give u the concatnate portion is to help U with the coding in replacing the last e.g. .zzz with your appropriate extension. Thought it might help U. ...

drakkarnoirAuthor Commented:
Ah thank you very much, both of you. Sorry neele, I did not understand your solution but now I do :)
OK welcome :) maybe i din state well initially..
glad u get it, n solve ur issue. thanks for accepting the solution as well !
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