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Very simple ...I think

I'm just learning c++ and i thought it would be cool for me to learn to do this

How do i change the font color in the DOS window in a Console Wizard project?

I'm using c++ 3
2 Solutions
Compile your console program and run it. DOS window will open.
Select Properties from the system menu.
Change a font to one of the list and press OK.
You will be prompted wether you want to 'Apply these settings to current window only' or to 'Save properties for future windows with the same title'.
Select 'Save properties for future windows with the same title' and press Ok.

After that any time you run this console applicatioin from dev studio, you will have the same font.
learning_t0_pr0gramAuthor Commented:
isn't there a line of coding to do it so when someone else opens it it will work?
learning_t0_pr0gramAuthor Commented:
that doens't change the color anyway.. how do i change the color of the text?
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#include <wincon.h>

int main()
     SetConsoleTextAttribute(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), FOREGROUND_RED);
     cout << "This should be red text";
     return 0;
learning_t0_pr0gramAuthor Commented:
when i put that, it goes into the wincon.h file and highlights:

typedef struct _COORD {
    SHORT X;
    SHORT Y;

the SHORT X;

and it says "Type name executed"

#include <windows.h>

instead of wincon.h
learning_t0_pr0gramAuthor Commented:
thanks, it works now
learning_t0_pr0gramAuthor Commented:
thanks, it works now
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