I can't play game through gamespyarcade

the problem occur to me is that I couldn't play game throught gamespyarcade, I have port forwardig the port......but I dunno why it is still not working......I am current using router with wireless connect two computer.......when I get onto gamespyarcade it said my internal ip is different from the external ip.........so is that a problem on port or ip?
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addidaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the second computer will not be able to go on the internet when you play your game.

the computer set as the DMZ host is the only computer on the internet. when you disable the dmz , everythings come back normal.

Unfortunatly, I think that you don't have other choice than that


did you try to set your computer as DMZ host ?

if gamespyarcade check for internal and external IP , i think that you need to set your
computer dom DMZ host to play
sitwyAuthor Commented:
Thanks.....as I seted it to DMZ and it is working now.......
I just want to know if there have two computer using router to share the internet....is there any disadvantage of using DMZ ?
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