XslTransform works but all 'http' links from XSL file failed

I am trying to make some interface to xsl transfromation from C#.
My last function was:
public static void Transform(ref spXmlDoc, string sXslFile)
    XmlDocument spXslDoc = new XmlDocument();
    XslTransform oXslTransform = new XslTransform();
//  thats my function that successfully loads xml files to xmldocument object
    XmlUtils.XmlFileLoad(ref spXslDoc, sXslFile);
    StringWriter oStringWriter = new StringWriter();
    XmlResolver oResolver = new XmlResolver();
    oXslTransform.Transform(spXmlDoc.DocumentElement, null, oStringWriter, oResolver);
So as I meant it works but only for 'local' files called from xsl.
if in the xsl there is something like that:
<!-- getting http base address from local files -->
<xsl:variable name="home" select="document('const.xml')/Constants/Address" />
<xsl:variable name="ClientProps" select="document(concat($home, 'properties.asp'))"/>
it's stopping. (I've checked that xsl on XMLSPY 5 Professional, it worked.)
So I'm sure there is something here about resolving url's, credentials and something else. But how to fix it?
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Have a look at this article, i believe it addresses your concern

Secure XSL Transformations in Microsoft .NET

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jhullyAuthor Commented:
Really, yes... But I am still trying to build some more usable and comortable interface. Could we continue after I'll send the points to you?

Of course we can, but if the question is answered it's fair to give me the points, right ? :)

jhullyAuthor Commented:
You absolutely right
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