Blotchy Monitor: LG Studioworks 700s

I just returned this and got another one, which unfortunately displays exactly the same flaw: the background is all faintly blotchy in purple and green. I do serious graphics so this is not at all kosher.

What does this mean? Can I fix it? (I doubt it).

Thanks guys and girls,

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lidskyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried moving the monitor to another location to see if it exhibits the same problem?

I still think this is a magnetic field problem.
It sounds like you may have something which is producing a magnetic field near your monitor, probably speakers. Make sure that there are no magnetic sources near the monitor.
Also power lines can produce a magnetic field.
If the monitor has a degauss function try that.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
yeah, sounds very much like a magnetic field.  I echo lidsky's sentiment.
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alanhllAuthor Commented:
Anything else? I've actually tried those things. Is it possible it is just because it's new and it will 'wear off'?


Have u try to deguss the monitor from it setting.
Try it, it normaly work for LG monitor.
alanhllAuthor Commented:
Some monitors are more sensitive than others, perhaps? As the one I had before never had that issue. Probably it is magnetic. Points soon.
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