Windows XP frameset hangs


when the user refreshes the frameset (which in turn loads iframes etc..) sometimes in XP the browser hangs, now the really weird problem, when i test the same system on a windows 2k machine, no problems.

is there some problem with windows XP that would cause these problems. and is there a solution (patch or something) that could solve this issue.

oh yeah all machines are running IE6.0

but the windows 2ks are running slightly different version numbers:
6.0.2600.0000 (works)
6.0.2800.1106 (works)

on the XP machines, neither of these versions work

(im guessing xpspn means XP service pack n)

cheers in advance for any help
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Greetings, gav_jackson!

1. There may be programs running in the background interfering with the operation of Internet Explorer. If you have Norton programs running in the background, temporarily turn them off, including anti-virus, win doctor, recycle bin protect, and clean sweep. Does this fix the problem?

Turn off any firewall or ad-blocker.

2. Perform a repair of Internet Explorer.;EN-US;318378

Best wishes, war1

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gav_jacksonAuthor Commented:
cheers for the reply war1

thing is this happens on several machines within the company, although the prob only exists on the XP machines.

to make matters more confusing, i have found 2 pcs running XP on which i cannot replicate the error.  both machines were kept up to date with SP2, so i updated one of the problem machines with still no joy, ie it still crashes.

i'll try and repair one version of IE6, althugh im kinda hoping thats not the solution - cos otherwise im gonna have to repair all the different computers.

   We have not heard from you in awhile? Did any comment help you solve your problem? Do you have any more questions? If an Expert help you, please accept his/her answer with an excellent or good grade.

Thanks, war1
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gav_jacksonAuthor Commented:
hi all, sorry for the delay in my responses, kinda forgot.......

the problem was onload events performing JS operations on parent documents,  sometimes, the child document (in an iframe) would load before the parent document container, then would attempt to use JS functions in the parent before the parent is fully loaded, i used the document.readystate property to check for the parent to "complete".  This was placed in a function that would call itself until it was time ... its probably easier for you to see the code rather than me explain it:

      function loadTab()
            if(parent.document.readyState == "complete")
                  //try again after a second

<body onLoad="loadTab()">
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Thanks again, I see we were typing comments concurrently.  ":0) Asta
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