Cannot start DHCP client due to netbios over tcpip not starting

Hi there,

Having a problem starting the DHCP client on a windows XP home edition box, it will not start due to a dependent service not starting. Upon looking in the event viewer it is down to the netbios over tcpip service not being able to start due to the "specified driver being invalid".

Looking in Device Manager, I can see the Netbios over Tcpip, but it has an error in its properties stating that the device is not present or not all its drivers are installed, but looking at the driver details it shows netbt.sys in the drivers folder. Are there drivers missing or is there something I can do to get this service working properly.

Many Thanks for any assistance.

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Ensure that TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper is enabled and started in your Services applet.
Try removing your adapter and re-adding it (after reboot)
Also recreate your network connection
click Start, Connect to, Show All Connections
right click LAN (local area connection) and select properties
click once on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to highlight it and click the properties tab
click on the Advanced button under the general tab
select the WINS tab
select "enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP
click OK, OK, Close

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ChrisMarkeyAuthor Commented:

1.The TCP/IP Netbios helper won't start due to the same error

2.Have tried removing the adapter, (i cannot remove physically as it is built in) and re-adding it but still recive the error,

3. I have already tried enabling Netbios over TCP/IP but to no avail.

Have you looked in your Event Log?  Do you have an Event ID that can be looked up?
ChrisMarkeyAuthor Commented:
Yep, its an error 7001, thats what pointed me to the Netbt driver being invalid as it stated the netbios over tcpip service not being able to start due to invalid device driver, I am at present scouring MS support site for any pointers as well with regard to that error.

Try resetting you TCP.
Type in:
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
Technet also list the following "resolution":

To resolve this behavior, you must enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP, by performing the following steps:

Open Device Manager.
On the View menu, click to select the Show hidden devices check box.
Double-click Non-Plug and Play Drivers.
Double-click NetBIOS over Tcpip.
In the Device usage box, click Use this device (enable).
ChrisMarkeyAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

Thanks for your comments, just tried resetting TCP to no avail and have already tried Technets solution!!!
What happens if you boot into safe mode with networking?
F8 when your system boots to get the menu (before XP splash screen).
Also - check out to get info on what services need to be enabled/disabled to work properly.

Also - give MSCONFIG a shot.  Try temporarily disabling other 3rd party software to see if it's causing a conflict. . .

All of this is not necessary if you have a good restore point saved.
ChrisMarkeyAuthor Commented:
Hi There,

Many Thanks for all your comments, I have though managed to fix the problem now, it was so simple i don't know how i missed it!!!, This is what i done:  

1.The file that runs netbios over Tcpip is NetBt.sys,
2.From a system running the same OS i copied the NetBt.sys file onto a floppy
3.Replaced the NetBt.sys file in Windows\system32\drivers with the new version.
4.Restarted and hey presto, Netbios over Tcpip service has started thus allowing the DHCP client to start.

The sys file must of been corrupted somehow. Again thanks for your time and comments.

Points to you!  I was starting to feel that your solution would be one so simple that it would be hard for us to remedy.  Good job Chris!
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