How do you format a SQL Server datetime to MM/DD/YYYY in WinForms text box

I'm trying to format a date in a text box (birthday)... but it still displays the time ? any idea what is wrong...thanks..      

this.dtBirthDate.DataBindings.Add(new Binding("Text",dS_RepInfo,"RepInfo.BirthDate"));
string bDate = dS_RepInfo.Tables["RepInfo"].Rows[0]["BirthDate"].ToString();
this.dtBirthDate.Text = String.Format("{0:MM/dd/yyyy}",bDate);
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You need to use smallDateTime
JElsterAuthor Commented:
It is smalldatetime
Try using a DateTime variable.

DateTime bDate = dS_RepInfo.Tables["RepInfo"].Rows[0]["BirthDate"];
this.dtBirthDate.Text = String.Format("{0}/{1}/{2}", bDate.Month, bDate.Day, bDate.Year);

Then you can deal with formating them however you want.

You can also use
this.dtBirthDate.Text = bDate.ToShortDateString();
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JElsterAuthor Commented:
The databinding seems to override the formatting...
So How do I bind it?
you may be able to do it within the select.  
use a convert on the date to a string.
But that may also give you problems as you go to update the field.

At my job we have a layer between the database and the desktop, so we take the data and put it into a different object that has it's own formatting functionality.  This is an object built specifically for each database.

You may also be better unbinding the date field and dealing with manually setting it's value into the field when things change.

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JElsterAuthor Commented:
// We want to format the DateOfBirth, so process the format and
// parse events for the DateOfBirth text box. To accomplish this,
// we add our own event handlers to the Format and Parse events.
Binding dobBinding = new Binding("Text", custList, "DateOfBirth");
dobBinding.Format += new ConvertEventHandler(this.textBoxDOB_FormatDate);
dobBinding.Parse += new ConvertEventHandler(this.textBoxDOB_ParseDate);

// Format the Date Field to short date form for display in the TextBox
private void textBoxDOB_FormatDate(object sender, ConvertEventArgs e)
    // We only deal with converting to strings from dates
    if (e.DesiredType != typeof(string)) return ;
    if (e.Value.GetType() != typeof(DateTime)) return ;

    DateTime dt = (DateTime)e.Value;
    e.Value = dt.ToShortDateString();

// Parse the textbox contents and turn them back into a date
private void textBoxDOB_ParseDate(object sender, ConvertEventArgs e)
    // We only deal with converting to dates and strings
    if (e.DesiredType != typeof(DateTime)) return;
    if (e.Value.GetType() != typeof(string)) return;

    string value = (string)e.Value;

        e.Value = DateTime.Parse(value);
    catch(Exception ex)

this.dtBirthDate.DataBindings.Add(new Binding("Text",dS_RepInfo,"RepInfo.BirthDate"));
//string bDate = dS_RepInfo.Tables["RepInfo"].Rows[0]["BirthDate"].ToString();
//this.dtBirthDate.Text = String.Format("{0:MM/dd/yyyy}",bDate);
DateTime temp = System.Convert.ToDateTime(dS_RepInfo.Tables["RepInfo"].Rows[0]["BirthDate"]);
this.dtBirthDate.Text = temp.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy");

Try this
this.dtBirthDate.DataBindings.Add(new Binding("Text",dS_RepInfo,"RepInfo.BirthDate"));
string bDate = dS_RepInfo.Tables["RepInfo"].Rows[0]["BirthDate"].ToString();
Datetime dt = Datetime.Parse(bDate )
this.dtBirthDate.Text = dt.ToString(MM/dd/YYYY);

simply solution to this is do the formating in the SQL Server while select the birth date.

something like  

select convert( nvarchar,getdate(),101)  

this is dateformat in MM/DD/YYYY for the system date, change this query to corresponding column
of you database table.

select convert( nvarchar,BirthDate,101)  from RepInfo

let me know if it solve your problem.

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