<input type="button"> fails to pass name="" and value=""

I am writing a shopping cart application that uses both select boxes and buttons on the same page to submit variables and values to a Perl script.  I am using javascript to submit information to the script.  I have created a script that I have confidence accurately reads what is being passed thru the browser to the application and find that the select boxes work fine but the buttons fail to pass their information.  

Here are sample select and button tags.

<select name="choice1" onChange="javascript:document.workorder.submit()">
<option value="choose" selected>Choose Service:
<option value="men">Men's
<option value="women">Women's
<option value="summarize">Review Order
<option value="checkout">Check Out

<input type="button" name="b1" value="Clear All" onclick="javascript:document.workorder.submit()"><input type="button" name="b2" value="Subtotal" onclick="javascript:document.workorder.submit()"><input type="button" name="b3" value="Add To Order" onclick="javascript:document.workorder.submit()"><input type="button" name="b4" value="Check Out" onclick="javascript:document.workorder.submit()">

I find that the buttons do submit all other information to the Perl script,  just not their name-value pair.


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you should create a function to separate each action...

<input type="button" name="b1" value="Clear All" onclick="CallPage(1)"><input type="button" name="b2" value="Subtotal" onclick="CallPage(2)"><input type="button" name="b3" value="Add To Order" onclickonclick="CallPage(3)"><input type="button" name="b4" value="Check Out" onclick="CallPage(4)">

function CallPage(action)
if (action == 1) //meaning the user clicked on Clear All
      document.workorder.action = NameOfThePageToCall.asp?action=1
if (action == 2) //meaning the user clicked on SubTotal
      document.workorder.action = NameOfThePageToCall.asp?action=2
if (action == 3) //meaning the user clicked on Add To Order
      document.workorder.action = NameOfThePageToCall.asp?action=3
if (action == 4) //meaning the user clicked on CheckOut
      document.workorder.action = NameOfThePageToCall.asp?action=4

and then on the Page that receives all the information you do a Request.Querystring("action") to know the value and to be able to manage what do to...

should be (and probaly a typo) onclick="CallPage(3)"
i'm a ctrl C, ctrl V maniac
thanks :)
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Shearer-ServicesAuthor Commented:
So if I answer my own question, do I get the points?  LOL

I pulled the code out of the script to remove any other conflicts that might cause the problem and created a new page.  By changing the input tag type to submit and removing the onclick="java*" I can now pass name-value pairs for all controls and related variables.   The changed portion of the code looks like this:

<input type="submit" name="b1" value="Clear All" >
<input type="submit" name="b2" value="Subtotal" >
<input type="submit" name="b3" value="Add To Order">
<input type="submit" name="b4" value="Check Out">

Thanks for the help.
this is a weird way of programming
u do as u wish
are your <select> and buttons inside the <form> tags?
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