Partitioning drives in Windows 2000

I currently have a PC that is running Windows 2000 Professional that has 3 partitions. Is there a way in like Disk Management or something else to move space around from one drive to another. I know that partition magic and other 3rd party software will do this, but I was wondering if there was a tool on W2K that would do the samething?
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Bartender_1Microsoft Network AdministratorCommented:
Only if you are running dynamic disks.

See here for the differences between dynamic and basic disks.

Hope this helps!


BMANDEPAuthor Commented:
OK, when I upgraded to dynamic and try to move space from one partition to another I receive an error: The selected volume was originally created on a basic and cannot be extended. Only volumes originally created on dynamic can be extended.

Any thing else that will work?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Is this what you are after ???

A Description of the Diskpart Command-Line Utility;en-us;300415&Product=winxp 

How to Use Diskpart.exe to Extend a Data Volume;en-us;325590&Product=win2000 

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Bartender_1Microsoft Network AdministratorCommented:
Can you move all of the data from one partion to another, then delete the empty partition and re-create it as a dynamic partition? (then do the same for the second partition.)
Unfortunately, this will not work for your boot partition, as you won't be able to move everything and re-create it as a dynamic partition.

If you cannot do this, then I recommend you look as some of the third party alternatives.


Bartender_1Microsoft Network AdministratorCommented:
Third party alternatives: (Some of these are free)
(List credit goes to CrazyOne)

PartitionMagic® allows you to create, resize, merge and convert partitions on your hard drive without destroying data. Award-winning PartitionMagic is the world's leading hard-drive partitioning software for PC enthusiasts.

Partition Manager

Partition Manager from Paragon provides easy and safe partitioning functions to even non-professional users.

With Partition Manager you can reclaim wasted disk space, organize your data, add new operating systems, speed up file system performance.

In the past, partition modification was risky and time-consuming task. Users had to backup all files, create new partitions, format them, may be reinstall operating system, and restore data. With Partition Manager you just select what partition modification should be done. All will be done automatically without  data loss.

System Commander

System Commander 7 provides the ultimate OS management and full partitioning in one integrated package!

 Supports every PC-compatible OS!
 Automatic preparation for adding OSes
 New - user selectable graphics
 New - installs from any Windows, including Windows XP NTFS.
 Free! Partition Commander 6 - Safe resize, create, move & copy for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Linux and DOS partitions.
 Undo partitioning with exclusive BackStep technology.

Partition Commander

Partition Commander lets you reclaim hard disk space, organize your files, add new operating systems (OSes), and in many cases speed up hard drive access speeds. Best of all, you don't have to be an expert. Partition Commander automates the process - guiding you through step-by-step. Where you have a choice, helpful suggestions are made available - the rest is handled automatically!

BootIT Next Generation

BootIt NG is a partition and multi boot manager with a powerful and simple to use set of tools for partitioning, imaging, and multi-booting your computer.  It combines the features of several standalone products costing hundreds of dollars more.

Here's a list of some of the features you'll find in BootIt NG:

Windows XP Compatible!
support for large hard drives (2 TB) and partitions (1-2 TB).
non-destructive resizing and conversion for FAT/FAT32.
non-destructive resizing for NTFS.
creation and deletion of partitions/volumes.
undelete partitions/volumes.
FAT/FAT32 formatting
copying and moving of partitions/volumes.
support for Linux Ext2/Ext3 and ReiserFS file systems.
Imaging (including directly to CD-R/RW or DVD+R+RW-R-RW)
booting any partition on any hard drive  
booting from the CD ROM drive
booting multiple operating systems from a single partition.
create over 200 primary partitions (if desired).
user id and password protection.
free upgrades (1.00-1.99) (registration-key versions only)  
and lots more....

zBoot Manager

zBoot Manager is an effective boot manager and partition manager, which allows you to easily install and use multiple operating systems on a single hard drive.

Acronis PartitionExpert

Resize, copy, and move partitions without losing data*
Create and delete partitions of any type
Format partitions*
Automatically optimize hard disk space usage
Convert FAT16 <=> FAT32, Linux Ext2 <=> Ext3 partitions without losing data
Change cluster size, automatically or manually**
Browse through the detailed information about all hard disks, partitions and file systems
Hide or make visible partitions of any type
Previewing changes made in partition layout before applying them to disk
Supports large disks over 180 Gb


Ranish Partition Manager
Partition Manager is a freeware program that partitions hard disks. It will help you to install and dualboot Linux and multiple copies of Windows. For example, it will let you to run Win ME, Win 2k, and Linux on a single box. Also, using Partition Manager you can copy, move, and resize disk partitions.

Partition Resizer
The popular freeware partitioning program is back! The first free program to resize and move partitions without data loss, is now more complete, with support for disks up to 2TB of size.

New features include:

Int13 extensions support allows handling of disks up to 2TB (2048GB) of size.
New Resizing/Moving engine with simpler inerface. Move and resize your partitions in one step.
Transparent extended partition resizing (no more confusion with extended partitions).
Command line parameters for accessing advanced options (read-only operation etc.).

Hope this helps!


BMANDEPAuthor Commented:
I appreciate you answering the question Bartender, but now I have converted my disk to Dynamic and nothing will work. The only thing that scares me is will I now be able to later convert to Windows Server 2003 without having to wipe out the drive and start over...Like I said I know about other 3rd party software, but was wanting a way to do it in Windows 2000. Just and FYI...Once you convert to Dynamic from basic you cannot extend the partition. ONLY from drives that were originally done as Dynamic can you do this.

Diskpart is just another way of doing the samething discussed above, it's just one is through DOS and the other has a GUI app.

So, is there anything else that can be done??
Bartender_1Microsoft Network AdministratorCommented:
You can convert back to basic and then use one of the free partition managers shown above.

Software to convert dynamic back to basic:
Partition Commander 8
(claims to have a function to convert dynamic disks back to basic disks. It is recommended to have a backup of your data before doing this though.)


Rob StoneCommented:
Simple answer is no, you need 3rd party software unless you do as bartender said and delete 2 partitions (not boot) and then recreate them.

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I would stay away from Partitain Magic if you are running a server. If you do plan on using it, back it up!
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