Office 2003 Outlook Address Book

How do I transfer my email address book from Outlook Express to 2003 Outlook?  Thanks.

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Greetings, dsmithers7!

Here is how to import address book into Outlook

Best wishes, war1
dsmithers7Author Commented:
Didn't work................thanks tho.
File-Import and Export
Give that a shot.
Also try
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dsmithers7Author Commented:
Your web address doesn't mention importing the address book.
Address book may need to be imported manually

After you upgrade from Outlook 2000 IMO to Outlook 2003, members of Windows Address Book distribution lists from your Outlook 2000 Address Book might be absent from Outlook 2003.

To work around this behavior, manually import the Windows Address Book data.

To manually import Windows Address Book data

   1. On the File menu in Outlook 2003, click Import and Export.
   2. Click Import Internet Mail and Addresses, and then click Next.
   3. Click Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, and then click Next.
   4. Choose how you wish to handle entries that would duplicate any current Outlook contacts, and then click Finish.
dsmithers7Author Commented:
I still haven't been able to import the EMAIL ADDRESSES.....the only thing I'm importing is names.  Any suggestions?



there are 2 mathods given to tranfer files, which mathod u are using.
it was suggested in this doc that u use
Outlook Contacts folder

which has more infomation and tranfer can take place for all that information.
dsmithers7Author Commented:
I have my "Contacts"........names, addreses, telephone numbers, etc...........I need to import the EMAIL addresses.  When I email someone, I click on the "To" box for email addresses, and there's nothing there.  If I use my "Contacts", there are no email addressses in there.  This is really frustrating.................and thanks for all the help.

Go into OE and export to a comma delimited file.  Then go into OL and import that file.
dsmithers7Author Commented:
How do I do that?  Sorry for all the questions.


         1. In Outlook, on the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts.
         2. Select Add a new directory or address book, and then click Next.
         3. Select Additional Address Books, and then click Next.
         4. Select Personal Address Book, and then click Next.

            Note  If you receive the error message This account or directory already exists and cannot be specified twice, click OK, click Cancel, and then skip to step 2.
         5. In the Name box, type a name that is easy for you to associate with the Personal Address Book. For example, you can call it Imported Outlook Express Contacts.
         6. Under Show names by, select Last name (Smith, John), and then click OK.

            This will file your contacts in the same way that Outlook displays contacts by default.
         7. Quit and restart Outlook.
         8. On the Tools menu, click Address Book.
         9. In the Address Book dialog box, on the Tools menu, click Options.
        10. Under Keep personal addresses in, select the name you provided for the Personal Address Book in step 5, for example, Imported Outlook Express Contacts.
        11. Click OK.
   2. In Outlook Express, on the File menu, point to Export, and then click Address Book.
   3. Click Microsoft Exchange Personal Address Book, and then click Export.
   4. If prompted, select the Outlook profile to use, and then click OK.
   5. When the export is finished, click OK, and then click Close.

once u are done with exporting then use the above mathod to import from outlook 2003.

and see if it works.
In OE you do a File-Export and select Another File Type (or something similar) and Comma-delimited and then select Contacts as the folder to export.
In OL2003 you click on File-Import and Export-Import from another program fo file-comma separated values.  You then select the folder to import into.

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dsmithers7Author Commented:
Thank you everyboby for your help...................the last two solutions worked.

Now you need to close the question.  If those two were helpful you can accept both.
Hi David,

if my solution worked and then u can choose more than one answer and split the point.
u might wanna post a message to 

for help in point split.
dsmithers7Author Commented:
Thank you...............why community support and how/where do I post it?  Thanks again.


dsmithers7Author Commented:
I acept both answers and want to split the vote................
Can you change an accepted answer now?
I have no problem with it if it can be changed.  The wrong comment was accepted anyway.
dsmithers7Author Commented:
What do I need to do to close this?
Dear dsmithers7,

u said u wanted to split the points, thats why i made it reopen.
Administrator can help in spilitting up point. or u can write how u want to split them up so Administrator can do rest of the job.

Comment from dsmithers7
Date: 11/21/2003 03:03PM PST
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I acept both answers and want to split the vote................
dsmithers7Author Commented:
I want to split the points 50/50.................thanks to both of you.

dsmithers7Author Commented:
Thanks Dsmithers7.
Please come back if u have more questions.
Thanks Yensidmod for taking care of this.
dsmithers7Author Commented:
I have a question............I can't get my Sony PDA to loctate the database for Office you know which folder it's in?  Thanks.

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