Crystal report on Jakarta tomcat server


I am running Crystal report on Jakarta tomcat server and not sure how to get Report Application Server Launchpad running.

When I run a jsp file after going through the installation process for crystal reports (enterpreise) I get an error message which basically says that tomcat cannot find any of the class files in the COM directory which should be part of crystal reports ras sdk.

I am not sure where to find the COM folder and where do i place it in the Jakarta directory structure to get it working.

Would appreciate any help

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using tomcat you have to use some code to view a report, here are some samples

if you want to view a report simply by piecing a url together, ie
you need to use iis with crystal enterprise 9 standard or professional, not just the crystal enterprise 9 report application server
iam_david_leeAuthor Commented:

tomcat is supported by crystal reports but I am not sure where to get the COM files. I looked in Crystal Reports folder but cant find it...

Would really appreciate the help...


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if you follow these steps you should be able to view reports using the ce 9 ras that comes with cr 9 developer and advanced.
or are you using the full crystal enterprise 9 standard or professional?
the com files are only for iis, with tomact you have to use the java sdk
iam_david_leeAuthor Commented:
Thnx for the reply.

I am currently using the evaluation copy of Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise. I went through the steps given in the document at - I am not too sure what they mean by CE RAS 9 JSP application files in STEP 5.

However when i restart the server and open a sample report file i have created i am getting errors where essentially the tomcat cannot find package com.*

also if i type in the url for crystalreportsviewer the browser displays a directory listing.

Would very much appreciate if you could help with this issue.



It is possible the Evaluation version of CR can't do what you want.  I have seen many questions about why something doesn't work with it.

I have heard some of the features are not enabled or crippled in some way.  I don't know that for sure but it is possible.

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