MY BIOS ID IS : 10/26/1999-693-596-W977E-P6BAT-MEC-00
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I don't believe it exists. If I remember corretly this version of the BIOS is limited to 32GB's no matter how many times you upgrade it.

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You could use an overlay utility calle EZBios
or Invest in a IDE controller card such as the ones at
Here is a rather lengthy list
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Bios Doesn't Recognize Hard Drive Size.

If your hard drive size is not recognized properly by your bios, particularily if is over 64 gig, try utilities (that fdisk/format) available at your motherboard makers site before you try to flash the bios to support a larger hard drive size (e.g. newer Maxtor drives - MaxBlast). Award bios versions (e.g. 4.51pg) with dates before mid 1999 have a bug in the code that prevents using hard drives larger than 32 gig - if the newest bios update you can find is dated before that, flashing your bios will not help. In very few cases, you may be able to find a patched bios that corrects this bug - if it doesn't say it is patched, and/or state that it supports drives larger than 32 gig, don't bother flashing it won't help.

Safe alternatives, especially for older motherboards:

- Get a drive 32 gig or smaller - many ~ 32 gig are still available. If you have just purchased your 40 gig or larger drive, you should be able to swap what you bought for a smaller drive from your vendor, with little hastle.

- Use free software that translates the hard drive size information to the motherboards bios, allowing you to use the full drive size. This available on the manufacturer of your hard drive's website, or is sometimes included with your hard drive. This is generically called "dynamic overlay" software or similar e.g EZ Drive, Disk Manager - brand specific - it is only free if you have at least one hard drive of the manufacturer's brand.

- Get a separate hard drive controller card that will support the size of the hard drive, and either disable the onboard ide, or use it in addition to it (cards that can do the latter are usually more expensive). For an older board, a used or older/cheaper model hard drive controller that will do UDMA 33 or above is fine. UDMA is over-rated - it is the burst of data the hard drive is capable of - it isn't used most of the time. UDMA 33 was a tremendous improvement, versions since then are only a tiny bit better in the real world, and you're not going
to see the difference on an older board anyway.

- Buy a modern bios on a card - this is a cheap way of bypassing your present bios. You may find such cards at places such as where you can also get modern bios upgrade flashes (see next), or elsewhere.

- Another solution, but you still have to flash your bios:

Buy a modern bios upgrade online. If the newest bios update you can get from the manufacturer does not support > 32 gig, and it isn't because of a limitation of your chipset, search for " bios upgrades" on the web e.g. (there are at least two other major suppliers). These will add all the modern features and hard drive support your motherboard is capable of. You should be able to find out at these websites whether your board CAN support 32 gig.
What is the make and model of the motherboard and/or what is the chipset?

I found a link where the Elite Group listed year 2000 compliancy and tested a BIOS model of the same number on a P6BAT-Me motherboard chipset.

This same model keeps cropping up in searches.

If it IS the Elite Group P6BAT-Me chipset, then the following page has a live link for VIA® VT82C693A & VT82C596B Chipset - P6BAT-Me , but no documentation.

VIA® VT82C693A & VT82C596B Chipset - P6BAT-Me
  We had EXACTLY the same the problem as you a few weeks ago. The tech's at the company assured us repeatedly a 40gig drive would be compatible, took a 1/2 day to work out it was'nt after going through every other possiblity (defective IDE cables, connections, hard derive etc.)

  We eventually just flashed the BIOS getting the upgrade off Awards website, you have to disable some the programs it runs for 486's and some other crap. If you are still intrested I will dig out the full details.

Yes, Xxavier, that might be more appropriate for JRNRF than the Japanese one I posted a link to above.  I see, from the online instructions, that the messages will most probably be in Japanese  :-)
BillDL, From my memory the messages we had were not on Japanease. I will check for certain tomorrow in work were we got it from, it may not have been the Awards site but I am reasonably sure it was. Although I am not sure JRNRF is still with us.   :-)  Xx
‘±‚­‚½‚߂ɃL[‚ð... ‰Ÿ‚µ‚È‚³‚¢  =  "Press any key to continue..."  :-)
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
CrazyOne, BillDL and Xxavier, please take a look here: http:Q_20820906.html
JRNRFAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all, but my motherboard finally died after two updates :-( I have to buy another one. Thanks to everyone again, your work is fine. ;-)
You could also have tried - they do bios upgrades and will notify you if yours is upgradable. They do charge around US$25 for the upgrade which is e-mailed back to you along with a flash loader program.
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