dual channel?

what is dual channel memory?
whats the diff with the normal mem?

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What's dual-channel DDR?
To add to the confusion, enter dual-channel DDR. The terminology "dual-channel DDR" is being misused by some in the memory industry, which can mislead the consumer. The fact is there's no such thing as dual-channel DDR memory. There are, however, dual-channel platforms.

When properly used, the term "dual channel" refers to the DDR chipset on certain motherboards designed with two memory channels instead of one. The two channels handle memory-processing more efficiently by utilizing the theoretical bandwidth of the two modules, thus reducing system latencies, the timing delays that inherently occur with one memory module. For example, one controller reads and writes data while the second controller prepares for the next access, hence, eliminating the reset and setup delays that occur before one memory module can begin the read/write process all over again. Think of it like two relay runners. The first runner runs one leg while the second runner sets up and prepares to receive the baton smoothly and carry on the task at hand without delay. While performance gains from dual-channel chipsets aren't huge, they can increase bandwidth by as much as 10 percent. To those seeking to push the performance envelope, that 10 percent can be very important.

So the next time you come across a product that's touted and sold as dual-channel DDR, know this: It's simply two DDR memory modules, packaged and marketed as a specialty product or a must-have "kit." If indeed you have a dual-channel platform and you want to take advantage of the performance gain it offers, our advice is to opt for high quality and service over expensive packaging, and simply purchase your DDR memory in pairs. However, be very careful to order two modules with the exact same specifications; the modules must be identical to each other to perform correctly.

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Without dual channel DDR, all of the ram sticks you have installed on a motherboard are counted as a bunch of sticks...  They're not used separately.  Basically, with dual channel ram, each stick is controlled separately.  Each stick, therefore, has its own channel so that bandwidth is increased.

If you see DDR ram, you can know it can be used as dual channel DDR.  You must match the manufacturer and type with the other stick(s) you use.  Dual channel DDR ram, if it's noted specifically as such, is probably better to use for dual channeling.  This is because the sticks match better.  Also, they're more stable.  I don't believe in that, though.  Just match the manufacturer and the type, and you're set.

CrazyOne covered tthe rest.

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Radomir Jordanovic
Ooh, sorry.  I missed that last paragraph, CO.
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