tcp client connecting trough proxy server


can annyone tel me how to use proxy servers in the tcpclient of indy,
I know http and other indy components have proxy settings.

never worked with proxy servers so please can someone give me a hint
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I'm not sure you need to explicitly state that you are using a proxy server. For example, my PC is set up to use a proxy at work, and I do not need to give the address of the proxy server, just the target address (this is using TClientSocket rather than Indy). If the Windows internet connection is set up properly, then presumably something in the routing table means it knows how to get to the target address.

Geoff M.

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henk29Author Commented:
Well the problem is at some networks it needs to have to proxy set and a username and password, otherwise it returns the message unknow host or unable to connect, i know you have to do something with the tcp header to make it work but the question is how?
TCP is a low level comms channel, just a pipe literally. The HTTP and other components sit on top of TCP and actually form a high level protocol using that pipe. You will probably only be able to communicate directly with the proxy server at TCP level, not anything beyond the proxy. The proxy acts as a kind of agent, getting stuff for you. HTTP makes this seamless so it appears as if you are talking to the outside world when, in fact, you are only talking to the proxy which itself does the talking with the outside world.

I'm not sure how I can explain it any better.

Geoff M.
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henk29Author Commented:
Ok it makes sense,

but still doesn;t awnser my question
im using these components for a client server solution and i need to communicate trough a proxy
so i just need to get it working so is there a way to code that the client is able to go trough the proxy
i read something about using socks and thats prob what messenger and other programs use
so im looking for some code or example to connect to a fix ip on the web over tcp
Okay, you need to know which protocol you are using. For example, if you were to connect to a standard web page, you'd need to implement the HTTP protocol. If you were to connect to a RealAudio site you'd need RMS. For mail you need SMTP or POP3. It all depends on what you are connecting to. Basically, you send a message to the proxy saying "get me this" but in a language that the proxy can forward to the host server. The format of that message will be different depending on the protocol.

There are too many unknowns in your question to be able to answer it. What you are trying to do is low level and you'd probably be re-inventing the wheel. Why not use a component which probably already exists (HTTP, POP3, etc)?

Geoff M.
henk29Author Commented:
ok damm

well the server and client are made by me so i have control over both
what i basicly use is tcp client and tcpserver from indy
what happens is that the client loges in to the server and they communicate with each other
the client will be used with home users and ofcourse at businisses..
i'm sending xml data packeges over to communicate,
so what would you advice then

Sorry, I'm not familiar with XML. If you do a google search for XML and Delphi you should find something which meets your needs. Sorry I can't help further.

Geoff M.
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