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i am running win2k on a socket 7 (K6 Processor)board it has 64mb pc100 simm with two free slots..but it will not for some reason let me add any more ram .. i have tried the obvious differing ram in differing positions.. i have tried dimms also.all i get isjust intermittent beeps no post . the only ram it will accept is the ram that was inherent with machine..which is a P5SS-Me.. does anyone have any ideas?
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Form what I can tell on the web, you should use either PC100 or PC133 SDRAM.
What CPU have you got. The speed and fsb should let you know what type to get. If your FSB is 100MHz, then get 100MHz RAM. If your FSB is 133MHz, then get 133MHz RAM.
The label on the working RAM should hopefully tell you, but this isn't always the case.

Try here.
Hi - you haven't been very clear with the characteristics of your motherboard but I think I know exactly what the problem is.
You say you have a Socket 7 M/B and are trying to install a K6 CPU.
I expect you will find that the M/B has an Intel 430TX chipset.

This particular chipset has serious problems when you try to expand memory above 64MB. I should know, I've got 3 M/Bs with the same problem from 3 different manufacturers (QDI/Legend, Gigabyte and SuperMicro). Each can only use 64MB RAM.

Further information is available on the following links:



The older HX chipset recognises 128MB etc. fine (If only I'd known that before I'd bought the TX versions).


Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
First:  ExpertMike, sorry but no, it doesn't have a TX chipset.  It has an SIS chipset.  The SIS 5595 to be precise.

Second:  The problem here is most likely with the type of memory your using.  You will most likely not be able to get away with newer generic SDRAM on this motherboard because of the density differences required.  My recommendation, return the RAM you can't use, and add the 128Mb Crucial parts found here:


or the 256Mb part found here:


as these are guaranteed to work in your system according to Crucial.  Fully guaranteed.

Now I'm somewhat confused in that you say you have 64Mb PC100 'SIMM', which is #1, impossible and #2 non-existant.   The board you have only has DIMM slots on it, not SIMM slots.  SIMMS were the old 72pin slots.  DIMM slots for the SDRAM you have are 168pin.  

Here's a picture of your board: http://www.active-hardware.com/images/p5ss-me-p.jpg please correct me if this ISN'T your board, because we'll need to know.

But if that is the board, the best options are the parts I listed above, or parts from another manufacturer WITH THE EXACT SAME SPECIFICATIONS for density, speed, etc.

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Have u try to plug in the original ram at other slot also??
Why dont u plug in the new ram to other slot for try.
>>>SIS 5595 chipset<<<  I have this running a AMD K6/2 350 OC'ed to 400, running 128 meg PC100 ram, but have had 256 meg in it to see if it helped preformance ( not really ). It DOES NOT like PC133 ram at all! Usually just hangs after the memory count.
banjobobAuthor Commented:
thanks for all responses
i have k6(2)
i have tried all combinations of the 3 slots
the original ram that it likes and only likes is pc100 sdram
the fsb is 100
the motherboard manual claims it takes dimms up to 1024 only but the above ram is simm
i have tried dimm but no good
banjobobAuthor Commented:
sorry about the wrong wording i in my ignorance thought simm applied to single bank memory but i ammend my previous the original and only ram that will work which came with the pc is 64 mb sdram single bank (chips are on one side) 168 pin.
I have tried 64mb and 128 mb single bank sdram and dual bank 7.5n plus 8n respectively in all combinations of slots i have three available. if i dont hear any more advice in the next 24 hours i will take AlberaBeef's help which does look to be the confidence.
Those aren't the only pieces of RAM available from Crucial.
If click the link on my previous post, that gives you all the types and sizes available.

Good luck.

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i know i do have the same board from ECS model P5ss-Me ver.1.1a.....im running a K6/2-350 o/c'd to 450 with 256mb pc100......Now....all the documentation ive ever read on this m/b is that it will ONLY accept pc66/100 ram, ive tried it with 133 and it doesnt accept......
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
No, they're not the only types, but there the one's I'm most sure will work.  I've had issues with even Crucial's PC133 RAM running with that chipset, that's why I recommended the PC100 part.  Especially with the 100MHz cpu you're using.

The other reason I recommended those is the price is the best.  The PC133 part was more expensive than PC100, and as such PC100 would be a better choice.

I like my recommendations to be a little more in-depth, and have reasoning behind them.  It's also good to provide more information to users which is why I mentioned the difference between SIMMS and DIMMS and mentioned the issue you were experiencing was one of chip density, not just speed/type.

Hope the information is useful to you, even if you accepted InteraX's answer.
banjobobAuthor Commented:

I wasn't aware of that issue with the SIS chipset. At least crucial guarantee the RAM working, so if it doesn't work they will refund your money. ;-)
I agree with the price comment though and I think anyone with a PC100 CPU would probably go for the PC100 RAM as the extra cost would seem excessive.

Not sure what to do here. My conscience is niggling a little.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
Eh, no biggy.  If it bugs you, post a "points for" question, but you shouldn't worry about it, I don't do it for the points.
I don't do it for the points, but have yet to break to 4K in 1 month threshhold. Looks like I may be on target this month.

Bit geeky, I know but it's a challenge which I have set myself.
Stops me getting bored and getting into trouble.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:

I'm so close to my first 'expert' certification (desktops) that I actually find myself wanting points in that TA, but normally as long as I qualify for premium services I'm happy.
OK. How do you get these expert qualifications? I presume it's down to points in topic areas.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
50,000 minimum in a TA required.  Higher certification at different point levels.
Ouch. 50K? Might manage that in a year or so. ;-)
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