CString to iny

Can i convert an CString to int. Example i have string str "123" and how should i convert him to int 123 ?????
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> Can i convert an CString to int. Example i have string str "123" and how should
> i convert him to int 123 ?????

CString str = "123";
int i = atoi(str);

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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
atoi() will work as long as you are not using Unicode (or MBCS) strings. In this case, you need to use _wtoi()
Actually, use _ttoi and then the compiler will work out the UNICODE / Ansi string issues for you.

CString str = "123";
int i = _ttoi(str);

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Drew BentonCommented:
Even though the points have been awarded, heres how you do it using atoi().

int i = atoi(str.operator LPCTSTR());

*This works b/c LPCSTR is a "char*"
Drew BentonCommented:
Ops i appologize to Dexstar, read the page yet missed his comment, sry!
Drew BentonCommented:
Now i gotta appologize for the generic use of "his"...*sigh* late night programming and forum responding mix as well as derefrencing the NULL pointer ;)
No apology necessary...  I'm a guy.  :)

Drew BentonCommented:
k cool :)
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