In Outlook, permissions button on Option->Delegates tab grayed out


I administer a small group of PCs networked together with a Windows 2000 Small Business Server.  The people using this network use Outlook 2002/2003 connecting to MS Exchange for e-mail, contacts, and calendar sharing.  To enable contacts and calendar sharing, I have gone into Outlook's Options->Delegates tab and then added each user as a delegate.  Following doing this, Outlook brings up a window asking what sort of permissions (such as "Editor") I want to assign for each type of shared resource (like contacts or calendar).  Once this is done, that user's contacts and calendar are accessible by others in the group.

I am however having problems with two users in Outlook.  When I go to assign delegates, no permissions window comes up and the permissions button on the Delegates tab is grayed out.  Other users cannot see these two users' calendars and contacts.  My question is:  How can I fix this so that those users' calendars and contacts can be shared?
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Are you sure that these users are using the correct mail enabled view.....meaning that they are connected to te Exchange server is accounts and are having mail delivered to thier inbox and not to a personal folder??


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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
are the two special users BOTH domain users and exchange users? just please confirm it. cheers, bbao
John_SheppardAuthor Commented:
Both users are domain users and exchange users, just like all the other users on the system.
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
the two users default email address are not your domain's email address?
John_SheppardAuthor Commented:
I figured out the solution to this problem:  Both users had their mail configured to be delivered to a personal folder on their local hard disk rather than the server.  When I told Outlook to deliver to their Inboxes on the server, I found that the delegates->permissions button was no longer grayed out.  Thus, I was able to get their calendars and contacts shared with the rest of the group.  Thanks though to bbao and dawne for your comments.


I figured it was the view that was wrong. Glad you got it working. :)
Hi I can't get,  it I had to share the contacts of two users in outlook 2000, we are running exchange 2000 server and both users are from the same domain, president and his assistant. Please make it clear that how can I share the contacts, I mean every time the assistant changes contacts in her outlook that should reflect to presidents outlook account.

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