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How do I make dreamweaver MX automatically use the full path of a link img src etc.  Also is there a way to make it go back and put in the full path of anything already done.  

ie: change all the /cgi-bin to http://www.asdf.com/cgi-bin

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Unfortunately, there is no feature in Dreamweaver MX to change all your links to absolute links.

You can add absolute source of an image manually by typing in the full url in the Image Properties Panel 'Src'.


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livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
Ok not the answer I was looking for but oh well.  I'll leave this open for a day or so.  If I get no other answers I'll award you the points.

For all the rest of you out there, find and replace doesn't count!!!!
In the mean time, can I ask you why you would like to have all your urls to be absolute? :-)
Maybe there's other options.

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Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
livegirllove there is a Very EASY way to go around this problem And I am sure it will work.

Do a Search and Replace for the Whole Site/Page

Search for    > /cgi-bin
Replace with >  http://www.asdf.com/cgi-bin

And Viola with one Click everything is changed:)
livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
I have a page in my root folder and now it has to go into a subfolder so all the urls will be wrong to everything.  So I could do a find/replace for /images /cgi-bin and /gallery and a few other folders.  But I just wanted to know if it cold be done with a command.  Also is there a reason why absolute paths are not used.  Is it faster.  The amount of charachters it takes to add full url can't affect page load speed too much, can it?

One reason for not using abolute paths, is like you mentioned, that the url will be shorter, often less than half. It also makes it easy for you to for example move all your files to a new domain, or browse through your website through your ip adress before a new dns change has resolved.

In Dreamweaver there is another good reason to use relative paths. DW keeps a Site Cache with information abuot how all the file relate to eachother. Of you are draggin and dropping a html file from within Dreamweaver to a new folder, DW will ask you if you want to update the link to that file throughout the whole site. Pretty neat.

You can try to do this with one file, and dreamweaver should ask you if you want to update all the links pointing to that file.

Let me know if this helps!

livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
Yeah your right I do that all the time and it does make it easier.  Here are the points.  I was just trying to take the easy road.

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