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I am using QuarkExpress which runs on classic mode ( I have Mac OS X.) But for some reason i cannot print from QuarkExpress. I know that my printer works because using other applications under MAC OS X it prints fine. I think i narrowed it down to the printer not being installed under Classic Mode. This is an epson printer by the way. So i went to the Epson website and downloaded the Print Drivers for Mac OS 9. But when i go to install the drivers i get an error messege stating insufficient acces unable to create folder. Which was odd because under OS X i am an admin user. So my question is A. Why cant i print under classic mode? and B. Why do i get insufficient rights messege under classic mode?
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Quark is notorious for having problems in Classic mode. Not much you can do other than boot to OS 9, update to a version of quark that runs in OS X, or upgrade to InDesign.
Just for the record... The printers created in Print Central in Mac OS X can't be used by Classic programs. You need to go in the good old 'chooser'. This is done by opening Quark and THEN going into the old Apple menu and choose 'Chooser'. Here you should choose the correct driver and printer. If you don't see the Epson icon you need to install the drivers first. Boot into Mac SO 9, install drivers, boot into Mac OS X and do the above mentioned....

The Epson Classic OS 9 installer will not run in OS X. To get around this you have to boot into OS 9 and install the drivers and setup the printer. Once the printer is setup in OS 9, boot back to OS X and try printing from Quark in OS X. If you have a new Mac that can't boot to OS 9, then it is a little tricky to install the drivers for classic since the installer doesn't work. What you have to do is install the printer drivers on another mac that can boot to OS 9, then do a search for all the epson files that are installed on that mac and copy the files to the same locations on the mac that can't boot to OS 9. If you bug or get a knowledgeable Epson Support Tech, they can walk you through these steps.

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hi gbarrientos,

I hope this comments would resolve ur issue. Its easy if I give instructions in steps so please follow this. I'm sure that this would definitely work, because I have tried this.

If u have installed Mac OS 10.3 ( clean install or Erase and install ) for my knowledge it does not boot from Mas OS 9.x.
To boot from Mac OS 9.x through 10.3, install 9.x and upgrade and install 10.3.
As far as ur issue is concerned i.e., printing from classic ( panther ), please follow these steps.
* Apple menu > system preferences > classic
* Under "Start/Stop" tab check 'Start Classic when you log in', under "Advanced" tab click on 'Startup and Other Options' button and      select 'Open Extensions Manager'. Click on 'Start Classic' button.
* On same window put 'Classic Sleep' to Never ( slide bar ).
* Once the Extensions Manager is opened, Select Set to Mac OS 9.2.2 All, then select 'View as Items'
* At the bottom of this window click on 'Duplicate Set'
* Name that eg 'Classic Printing', say OK.
* Check ( eg, X ) the box if any thing related to 'Epson'.
* If any dialog box appears to keep or delete files, select 'Keep Both'.
* Install the printer drivers.
* Check if the printer is listed in the 'Chooser'
* If not try restarting the system.

Best of luck.
feedback and any question related to mac is always Welcome.  I will definetly assist to  my knowledge
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