How to get modem to answer the phone.

How do I know what commands to assign to my modem to make it answer the phone.....and only during certain times of the day?   Is this a software or hardware issue.
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAsked:
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You can use software called Bitware to automatically answer the phone when you receive a fax or a voice message. Bitware will save the fax or voice message on your hdd for you to simply read or play back later.
Is this what you are trying to do? You haven't given much info.

an application has to instruct the modem to answer the phone, though you could write the following command to the modem firmware with AT&W and it would go off hook when the line rang, though without a communication protocol little would be accomplished.

The application issues the AT command
ATS0=x (where X= the number of rings)

The modem then listens for rings and will go off hook after the specified number of rings, negotiate a carrier and be ready for some sort of serial communications.
There is no clock on a modem so you'd have programatically start and stop the application.
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
Close. I want to dial-in remotely.......but only aftet hours (another words during a specified time frame and/or day of the week). I don't want the system toswer the phone during business hours.

Running XP pro
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Ok, heres what you can do.

On PC1, Go to Start, Control Panel, System.
Click on the Remote Tab, under Remote Desktop, click "allow users to connect remotely to this computer", and make sure your name is under "Selected users".

Dial up on the internet in the morning, or whenever. Go to Start, run, type cmd, press enter.
At the command prompt, type IPCONFIG.
Note down the IP address ro PC1.

To control this PC remotely via PC2 type MSTSC in the "Start, run command box, press enter.
Type in the IP Address of  PC1 that you wish to remote control (the one you noted down earlier)
Enter your username and password and you will then have full access to PC1.

Of course, this will only work if :
1) PC2 is using XP Pro to remote control PC1 (Eg: Both PC's need XP)
2) PC1 is still connected to the Internet and the IP address has not changed.

This is a great way to takeover PC's via dialup and also works on Broadband as well, as long as the above 2 conditions are met.

Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
Thats the point "pc1" won't be on the internet. It will have to answer the dial-in call. But only during a specified or pre-configured time frame. Say 10pm to 6am.
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
Perhaps I need a special piece of software????

Anyone familiar with one that allow me to do this.  I can't be the first guy wanting to do this.
I don't believe that Windows XP pro will do that.  At least not through the basic RAS/VPN service.  You would need Windows 2000 Server's Remote Access Policies.

You might convince PCAnywhere to do it though.
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
Ok, so your saying it tan be done natively with windows......but only the server version. Otherwise I have to go to a third party app........correct?
Robing is correct. XP can't do what your trying to do, Bitware will answer the phone, I believe there are settings in that software to set it up to answer between specified times, but unless you are transmitting a fax or a voice message it won't do anything but hang up.

The only way you can do it is to get someone at home to dial the internet for you??
But then you also need the IP address to follow my suggestion of MSTSC.

If no-ones at home then it can't be done.
PC Anywhere needs you to be connected to the internet as well, you need the IP address again.

I'm not familiar with Windows 2000 server Remote Access Policies......
Robing.....Will Windows 2000 Server's RAP do this??????????

Yes.  Windows 2000 or 2003 server remote access policy will do it.  Here is an article on it:

Here is a good article on setting up RRAS:
(Sorry, Treasur2.  Yes.  That is what I am saying.  Microsoft is pretty careful about making sure that they reserve the really useful functions for their server products.)  

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Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
Thaniks thats what I wanted to know.
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