POP3 Service Hangs

Hi experts,

When some users connect via POP3 using either Netscape mail or outlook, the pop3 service hangs. To correct this we have been restarting the domino server and re-creating the user.

NT 4.0 Server with SP6a. Latest patches (RPC)applied.
Upgraded from 5.0.5 to 5.0.10.
Running Sophos MailMonitor (3.75)

All other services operate normally. Only pop3 service hangs and affects all other pop3 clients.
Chris RipollMaster of NoneAsked:
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It could be your mail monitor s/w. Shut Sophos mailmonitor and check if the symptom regenerates.

Chris RipollMaster of NoneAuthor Commented:
Hi Hemanth,

Totaly un-installed MailMonitor. Problem still there.

Any error msgs on the console or log while this happens ?
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Sometime it could be virus checker which might cause the pop3 to hang.. not sure though. You can check that easily by disabling the virus scanner
One more tip.. Add this parameter to your server notes.ini


This will log all pop3 transactions so that you can figure out what the exact problem is

Chris RipollMaster of NoneAuthor Commented:
Hi HemanthaKumar,

I have checked the logs and looked for any error mesgs on the console only to find nothing! The anti-virus sofware has been configured to only scan once a day. The live scanning has never been enabled.

I will try the debug option to see if gives any direction. Will the info appear in the log.nsf database?

Hi chrisrip,
> I will try the debug option to see if gives any direction. Will the info appear
> in the log.nsf database?

Yes.  You must restartthe POP3 service first.

I would test POP3 via telnet.

Best regards,
Chris RipollMaster of NoneAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

Some more info I forgot to include, sorry.

Not all users cause the POP3 service to hang, only certain ones. To correct the problem, we have been recreating the user account and that fixes the problem until another user that may have been on holidays logs in. In some cases, a user that was working fine one day, suddenly begins to cause the problem.

PS* I have added the debug and restarted the server. Nothing appears on the log that is indicative of the problem.

Thanks in advance thus far.

When you recreate the account, what are you doing? Replacing mail file?  Replacing person doc?  Updating person doc?
I believe it is your domino directory corruption. There are certain views which are needed by pop3 , if that gets corrupted you can find into yourself in this kind of weird situations..

Run fixup and compact on your server names.nsf and watch out for any errors. Before doing this backup the db.
Chris RipollMaster of NoneAuthor Commented:
I have been deleting the user account and re-creating from new. Is there a better method?

Would you recommend that if the fixup and compact resolves the issues, I apply the 11 & 12 incremental upgrades?
> I have been deleting the user account and re-creating from new. Is there a better method?
I need details!  What exact steps do you take?  "Deleting the user account" can mean different things to different people.  Delete person doc? Create new one manually?  Use Domino admin?  The more specific, the better.
Chris, You scenario makes me think in that line..it is just to make sure that corruption is not the problem ! most of the time those two tools can fix lot of problems..
Chris RipollMaster of NoneAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

I did the fixup and compact and it all went through without errors but the problem was still occuring. I then isolated the problem by doing a telnet test on port 110 and found that it would hang the service after a list request. It would start to list the e-mail ids' and disconect when it reached the 2nd last message without releasing the port. I tried to delete possibly corrupt messages to no avail. At this point I concluded that the pop3 functionality in 5.0.10 was the problem so I downloaded the incremental to 5.0.11 and installed it. Sure enough, after the re-boot, the problem was no longer there and the server has been functioning error free for the last two days.

I am now wondering if this is a known issue with lotus as I have not found anything on this on the Lotus web site. Maybe I didn't look hard enough.

SPR # FMEG54A9XY Fixed in 5.0.10 release  
Product Area: Server  Technical Area: POP3 Mail Server  Platform: Cross Platform
SPR# FMEG54A9XY - Fixed a potential POP3 task hang.

Maybe they didn't quite fix it?
Note that 5.0.12 is the curent R5 release, and contains some security fixes.

SPR # LJUD58F8GT Fixed in 5.0.12 release  
Product Area: Server  Technical Area: MIME  Platform: Cross Platform
Lotus Customer Support Technote: 1097549
SPR# LJUD58F8GT - Fixed a memory overwrite that causes various crashes and PANICs when exporting an internet message over smtp, pop3, imap, etc.

SPR # MKIN572T2N Fixed in 5.0.11 release  
Product Area: Server  Technical Area: MIME - CD to MIME conversion  Platform: Cross Platform
SPR# MKIN572T2N - Fixed a rare occurrence of memory corruption while using POP3.


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So I have tried the below and it seems to still be a problem.


Any more help?
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