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  i already have this program using delphi in converting number to there any DLL for this is power builder or do i have to program same way..if i do could anyone give me a sample program? Thank you....

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what u meant actually ?, casting with
or convert an ascii integer to its char with

    for eg: char(65) will return A.

can u make ur query more clear ?. actually what u want to do ?

Emmanuel_TapanganAuthor Commented:
i want to convert a number to words like...

250 -> Two hundred fifty

250.25 Two hundred fifty and 25/100 or Two hundred fifty and twenty five centavos

although im currently working it now but if u do have one..could u help me..tnx

what you can do is creat a table with two colums number and number_charater
populate it from 1 to 100 and 1000,million,billion and then write a function which divied the number into parts and retrived the character value from the table.
if you want a example let me know
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Emmanuel_TapanganAuthor Commented:
tnx a lot but honestly i made it already in delphi without using tables...i would be much more happy if u can help me in such a way without using any tables only constants variable...tnx a lot

give your e-mail address so that i can e-mail you a fuction or just send me and e-mail on using gajender_99

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Emmanuel_TapanganAuthor Commented: looking forward some options...dnt worry...
Here's my code for that


Emmanuel_TapanganAuthor Commented:

im sorry i ddnt understand the words like "Lac,Crore"..i just want a simple output of my query like

125.25 [as_input]

equivalent to..

"One hundred twenty five and 25/100"

thats all....tnx a lot...

Emmanuel_TapanganAuthor Commented:
gajender_99....did u email ur modified code regarding my query? actually we're almost there...i hope u have it
tnx a lot...
Emmanuel_TapanganAuthor Commented:
man...tnx a lot for ur looking forward next if i need some tips from u or the other experts in PB..
tnx a lot guys for the time you've exert..have a nice day to you all....
Just wanted to add my 2 cents regarding the suggestion to create a table. The datawindow is a powerful object. You don't always need to create a table to take advantage of its power. Embedding data in a datawindow object and assigning the datawindow object to a datastore lets you take advantage of the datastore's Find and Filter and Sort functionality.
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