Outlook 2003 / Outlook Professional 2002 "Emits Loud Constant Beep Out of PC Speaker When Recieving Email."

                                                 I recently upgraded from Outlook Professional to Outlook 2003.  


When Retrieving My Email "Send/Recieve" Application, Keyboard and mouse lock up completely. PC Speaker emits a loud continous beep for appx 30 seconds.  As soon as the Beep stops after 30 seconds or so the email is retrieved and everything goes back to function normally.  
This happens sporadically and does not seem to have a rhyme or reason.  It happened with Outlook Professional as Mentioned and still does with 2003.  It happens with or without any addons.  Currently I have the Backup addon for Outlook 2003 and SpamBully Bayesian Anti Spam Filter.  It still occured without the filter installed.

Machine Specs:

P4 2.8 Ghz
Gigabyte 8IHXP Ver 3 MOBO
2 Gig Samsung 1066 Error Correcting (Error Correction off in BIOS)
Windows XP Professional
All latest updates for Operating System and Office 2003.
Video Card ATI All-In-Wonder 9700 (Radeon 9700)
Sound Cards Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum ex and MidiMan Delta 66 (Multiple Hardware Profiles)

"I am rating this at 500 as this is quite annoying and I've not found anything regarding a solution in the Microsoft Knowledgebase."
 Your help in finding a solution to this problem is appreciated, Thank You Very Much! :)

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It sounds like the keyboard buffer is being filled somehow.  Try a virus scan at http://security.norton.com and a spyware scan with Search & Destroy - http://www.safer-networking.org/
perpetdAuthor Commented:
I am fairly confident my computer is Virus Free at this point.
I use ESET NOD32, TDS-3 and Wormguard.
I also use Search and Destroy and AdAware.
Have you tried a Detect and Repair on Outlook?  It is under the Help menu.
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You wouldn't happen to be a rather buxom female who is leaning over the keyboard during this time, would you?  Believe it or not, I have had this happen with a user before (weird input being typed by natural projectiles).
perpetdAuthor Commented:
Ive done Detect Repair before + I even Upgraded to Outlook 2003.
And lol no, not a rather Buxom female haha :)
I have just upgraded (as in a few minutes ago) to OL2003 and have had no problems with it.
perpetdAuthor Commented:
"The problem occured befor and after the upgrade"
perpetdAuthor Commented:
It seems this may have been a strange hardware issue of some sort. After having moved some fans and cards the issue seems to have been resolved.
perpetdAuthor Commented:
I believe my Baysian Filtering prog may have been the cause I am going to refrain form naming the program as I am not 100% sure.
perpetdAuthor Commented:
Please close this as the issue has desided to vanish. Thank you for your help all.
PAQed, with points refunded (500)

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