Unable to read portions of e-mail from Korea

One of my clients has a friend in Korea.

Often, when my client receives e-mail from Korea, two things happen:

1.  Some of the message displays as "garbage" characters like the infamous "empty box".

2.  When my client tries to reply, Outlook is unable to interpret the sender's address and cannot compose a reply.

Any ideas?


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You may want to uninstall and reinstall the Korean language set.  It is most likely corruption being introduced along the way.  If that is the case, there is nothing to do except change ISPs and hope that it forces a different route.
vknowlesAuthor Commented:
My client does not have the Korean language set installed.

Do you think that would help?

I would think it would be necessary unless the Korean sender is using the US English language set on his computer.
vknowlesAuthor Commented:
Well, the messages always come with some text in English and usually some garbled text (and usually the sender's address is garbled).

So I guess I can have my client try to install the Korean language set... but do they have to buy the Office Proofing Tools, or how do they get it?


That would be installed from the OS CD.  It should be on the CD or may need to be downloaded from www.microsoft.com

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