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I am attempting to set up my first shopping cart system for my first web site using  Unfortunately, I just found out my web hosting company does not support asp.  However, they do support php.  Is this a normal occurence of web hosting companies? gives the following asp script with the following directions so that their url does not show up in my customers browser, but my url will.  I was told by my web hosting company that the same results can be obtained with php.  So basically I just need a php script that will accomplish the same result as this asp script.  I'm not a programmer, so please keep your explanations on how I use your script simple.

Thank you.

(Is a reputable company and/or do you have any other suggestions for a shopping cart system?)
The following is the asp script:

'// Command Script generated and powered by
'// 2003

dim merchantID,cmd,dest,baseurl


if request("productid")<>"" then
      if cmd="checkout" then
      end if
elseif cmd<>"" then
      select case cmd
            case "cart"
            case "checkout"
            case "login"
            case "signup"
            case "cancel"
            case "update" 'change
            case else 'home
      end select
      if request("af")<>"" then 'aftrack
      elseif request("ad")<>"" then 'adtrack
      elseif request("email1")<>"" then 'contact
            if request.querystring<>"" then dest=dest & "&" & request.querystring
            if request.form<>"" then dest=dest & "&" & request.form
      end if
end if


Directions of for the use of their script above:

With and our simple Command Script, your links, ads, and affiliate traffic will all be pointed to your domain, rather than to Just follow the easy instructions in this setup wizard!
If you would prefer not to use the Command Script, just click the Skip button at bottom to start creating shopping cart products immediately.
First, choose a script platform, then copy-paste all of the code from the text box into a simple text editor (Notepad or Textpad, etc).
Next, save the code as cmd.asp (ASP) to your local hard drive.
After you have saved the file, upload it to your website. ASP users, just save the file to any folder on your site - we recommend you put it in the root ("home") folder.
Now, enter the URL for your Command Script file here.
Press  Save and Continue

Thats all the more directions I can provide at this time.  I was told that my web host company uses a Linux based system, but my web site consists of html, php, javascript, and sql.  I was told by my web hosting company that the same results as the asp script above can be obtained with php.  

I sincerely appreciate your help.


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You could see the following script to convert your ASP script in PHP:

Don't know anything about shopping carts...

I tried re-writing the code listed above. I am unable to test but it should work.

$merchantID = "67928";
$cmd = $_REQUEST['cmd'];
$baseurl = "";
$dest = $baseurl . "/app/default.asp?id=$merchantID";

// get all the post values in a string
while (list ($key,$value) = each($_POST))
      $post .= "&$key=$value";

if ($_REQUEST['productid'] != "")
     if ($cmd == "checkout")
          $dest = "$baseurl/app/javanof.asp?merchantid=$merchantID&" . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
          $dest = "$baseurl/app/netcart.asp?merchantid=$merchantID&" . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
elseif ($cmd != "")
          case "cart":
              $dest = "$baseurl/app/netcart.asp?merchantid=$merchantID";
          case "checkout":
              $dest = "$baseurl/app/javanof.asp?merchantid=$merchantID";
          case "login":
                $dest = "$baseurl/app/aflogin.asp?merchantid=$merchantID";
          case "signup":
                $dest = "$baseurl/app/afsignup.asp?merchantid=$merchantID";
          case "cancel":
                $dest = "$baseurl/app/removesave.asp?merchantid=$merchantID&clientid=" . $_REQUEST['id'] . "&removear=Yes";
          case "update":
                $dest = "$baseurl/app/r.asp?merchantid=$merchantID&id=" . $_REQUEST['id'] . "&c=1";
                $dest = "";
     if ($_REQUEST['af'] != "")
         $dest = "$baseurl/app/aftrack.asp?afid=" . $_REQUEST['af'] . "&u=" . $_REQUEST['u'];
     elseif ($_REQUEST['ad'] != "")
         $dest = "$baseurl/app/adtrack.asp?adid=" . $_REQUEST['ad'];
     elseif ($_REQUEST['email1'] != "")
          $dest = "$baseurl/app/contactsave.asp?merchantid=$merchantID";

          if ($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] <> "")
      $dest .= "&" . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];

          if ($_POST <> "")
      $dest .= "$post";

header( "location: $dest" );

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This is not a good script since it uses the generic Request object rather than specifying whether GET or POST is to be used (Request.QueryString or Request.Form in ASP, $_GET or $_POST in PHP). This makes it easy to hack, since POST values can be sent in the querystring by a user.

(I'm talking about the original, not the translation offered in the previous post.)

PHP hosting is generally cheaper than ASP hosting, since PHP, MySQL, Linux, and Apache are all free and Windows and SQL Server aren't.

There are numerous PHP shopping cart scripts out there -- use the Google and find one. :^)
Steve234Author Commented:
Hi everyone,

I apologize, I did not remember that I had this question open.

For various reasons, I could not use that shopping cart software, so I don't know if the script above actually worked.

Thank you for taking your time to try and help me.


I'm posting another question in this section, if you're available.

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